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Tracking luggage is the most important attribute when people look to choose the services of transportation companies. No one affords to send off their important belongings without being informed about the delivery status. To make tracking of goods more accessible, we have brought ABC cargo tracking services that will enhance your transportation experience from one location to another.

ABC Cargo Tracking Service

ABC cargo company is based in UAE, but its services are spread worldwide. No hurdle can stop ABC courier company from preventing or delaying deliveries. The benefits of ABC transport company are swift and boundless. It depends on how fast your product needs to be delivered. Air, road, and seas – ABC courier find the best way to deliver within the time frame. They place a high value on the quick delivery of goods.

International shipments

Being a solid authority, ABC courier has made a system to transport goods worldwide Like Paujin Tracking. Dubai is the central hub. It simply means that customers can send their goods to India or any other country from Dubai. By realizing that people come from different world areas to UAE, the company made it relatively more accessible for everyone to send their logistics to any country.

Modes of transportation of couriers

Being a multinational brand, ABC transport tracking company knows the importance of multiple modes of freights. Having multiple modes of transportation ensures the timely delivery of customers’ goods and valuables.

Follow modes are being used;

  • Sea Freight
  • Road Freight
  • Airfreight

Domestic and International Courier Services

Door-to-door ABC Cargo Dubai

Dubai has been a hot zone for many years. It is a well-known destination for people all around the world. Dubai has been welcoming visitors from all over the world for decades.

According to Global Media Insight, 8.84 million people live in Dubai who has immigrated from other countries.

ABC cargo has opened door-to-door cargo transportation services to their ease. It means that the company ships logistics to the exact address provided by the customer.

abc cargo door to door

Cargo services to India

As mentioned above, there are 8.84 million immigrants in Dubai, and the number grows further when we add others cities and states in the UAE. Most of these immigrants come from India. Keeping them in mind, ABC cargo company has launched special services to India. This cargo to India from Dubai takes just a few days.

The transportation system spans all of India’s major cities, particularly Kerala. ABC cargo company promises prompt service within the time frame for delivering your courier.

ABC cargo rates

No cargo rates are fixed for transportation. Every product has a specific freight fee. The fee depends on the following factors;

  • Fuel prices
  • Governmental taxes
  • Product category
  • Product weight
  • From where cargo company has picked the product

Usually, goods with relatively lower weight have lesser transportation fees. Moreover, ABC cargo company offers amazing discounts to customers. For example, if someone sends a courier from UAE to India, he saves up to 30% of conveyance charges. On special occasions, the company offers customers to enjoy bulk discounts.

ABC Cargo Tracking contact details:

ABC cargo company has many branches in UAE. The company offers door-to-door service so customers can contact them via the email address or contact number. The employees will pick up the courier from the doorstep of patrons. The contact details are listed below;

Email address: [email protected]

Contact number: 800 916

Specifications Abc Cargo Tracking

  • Users can track their shipments by container number, bill of lading number, or reference number.
  • Increased transparency and visibility into the shipping process.
  • Reduced chances of lost or delayed shipments.
  • View the estimated time of arrival for your shipment.


Transportation of goods and their tracking is critical. Better tracking services remove the headache. The customers remain satisfied that their interests are in safe hands. We believe that ABC cargo tracking company meets all the needs of customers. Better transportation services with high-quality tracking facilities make it vulnerable. Customers who use the ABC cargo service can track their delivery through our website. We are always looking to assist you.