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Do you want to know about your order with Avianca Express? Enter the Avianca Express tracking number to see the order status.

About Avianca Express

In December 2018, the brand-new Colombian airline Avianca Express was established. It is owned by Avianca, and it will be introduced gradually as part of a proposal to change its operating model to increase profits. They anticipate that this adjustment will enable them to increase their efficiency even further.

In Colombia, Avianca Express is an established carrier. It has operated as a freight delivery service since 1919. This business was initially registered under the name SCADTA. The company’s services and brand have undergone adjustments over time. While the headquarters are in Colombia, the registered office is in Barranquilla. The global headquarters are in Bogota, nevertheless. Avianca is Colombia’s biggest airline. The largest airline is from Latin America.

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This large organization can manage a variety of cargo types with ease. It delivers anything with unique and necessary arrangements, from normal cargo delivery to exceptional products like live animals and hazardous material.

Avianca Express Tracking

You can utilize the service known as “Avianca Express Tracking” from Aviancaexpress com, to keep track of your flight’s progress.

The tracking system for Avianca Express shipping has many benefits. To discover where your shipment is right now in the delivery process, use courier tracking. Knowing when to produce and mail your items so that they reach the recipient in a timely manner is useful in several ways. Additionally, you will be aware in advance of what to anticipate in terms of delivery, timing, and quality.

Avianca Express Tracking

You may track your order using our website, By inserting the Avianca tracking number in the tracking field, you can track your shipment. Once your order has been sent, you will receive a confirmation email with this number. To paste this number in the tracking area, check your mail and copy it. Next, click the word “track.” You can track your shipment from there.

The tracking feature makes it simple for the user to determine where their product is in the delivery phase or when it was at what stage. You will be able to track your product’s dispatch, courier, transit, and delivery.

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Avianca Express Customer Service

By calling the customer service department, you can also find out the status of your order. You can communicate with the Avianca Express staff in a variety of ways. Give them your registered phone number or email address, and they will notify you of the current location of your product.

Hotline Phone Number: 18005919112
Email: [email protected]

Official website:


What if your Avianca package is lost or damaged?

If your package from Avianca Express is lost or damaged, you must choose wisely on your shipment, and hopefully, you will receive assistance with what you asked for.

What if Avianca tracking number got lost?

This is the appropriate item you require if you’re looking for details on your package and you have a tracking number loss problem. Contact customer service while remaining patient and composed; they will gather all the necessary data, assist you in locating your cargo, and provide you with a new tracking number.