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Do you have a shipment with Bax? Enter the Bax tracking number to check the current status of your parcel/shipment.

About BAX

The Irvine, California-based BAX Global was an American international shipping firm. The company, which has been around since 1971, also runs an air transport service. Integration of Bax Global domestic, which was acquired by DB Logistics in January 2006, is underway with Schenker, DB Logistics’ land, sea, and air freight division.

Deutsche Bahn, the government German railroad business, has a freight and logistics section called DB Logistics. Schenker Inc. declared it would cease all airfreight operations, including the use of its 20-remaining aircraft, in July 2011.

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BAX Global employs 12,000 people across 500 locations in 133 countries and generates $2.9 billion in annual revenue. Air Transport International (ATI), a subsidiary of Brinks, owned and managed a dedicated fleet of aircraft for Burlington Air Express.

ATI was acquired by Cargo Holdings International during the time that BAX Global was sold to DB Logistics. Cargo Holdings International and BAX Express Global are still bound by their dedicated lift agreement.

BAX Global Tracking

BAX global domestic tracking monitoring system allows you to keep tabs on your package’s whereabouts in record time. If you use this service, you can track your package and make sure it arrives safely at your home. First things first, get a tracking number. This data will be sent to your company email. Just paste that ID into the tracking field after reading the confirmation email. The next step is to choose “Track” from the menu. Locate your package’s current location and delivery timeframe there in real-time.

Bax Track

You may also check your order status on, our website. We’ll help you keep tabs on your BAX delivery utilizing an electronic tracking system. Your only requirement is the Air waybill (AWB) or Reference number from bax Tracking.

Simply To use the bax monitoring website, simply enter your tracking number into the online form. Simply enter your bax monitoring number and hit the track button to get up-to-the-minute delivery updates.

Bax’s primary service area is the United States; however, the company also maintains significant operations in Australia, Singapore, London, the Netherlands, and Toledo, Ohio in addition to its headquarters in Irvine, California.

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BAX Customer Care

When Bax customers have questions about their accounts, they can contact one of the company’s service specialists. Call Bax at one of the numbers below if you are unsure who to speak with.

Headquarter: California

Headquarter Address: 381 Air Freight Blvd Nashville. TN 37217

Phone number: (615) 361-0590



Is the BAX track still available?

D.B. Logistics acquired the company in January 2006. After then, it melds even more closely with Schenker. Deutsche Bahn Logistics, however, is an independent transportation and logistics division of a German company. Schenker openly announced it would cease all air freight operations and instead focus on trucking due to several factors.

How can I track my BAX parcel?

This service lets you track your product and ensure its safe delivery. Get a tracking number. Your company’s email will receive this data. After viewing the confirmation email, copy the tracking ID. Choose “Track” next. Real-time package location and delivery timeframe.