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The best cargo tracking company is one of the most famous, premium as well as expensive logistics transportation brands. With the experience of 10 years in their bag, it will be fair to say that they have learned how to ship the lives of people living abroad efficiently. In this guide, we will bring the best Cargo into the light and help those people who want a trustworthy brand working in the Middle East.

Operational Countries – Best Cargo Tracking 

best cargo tracking

Unlike other tracking companies, Best Cargo Tracking is limited to a few countries in the Middle East like KSA, Dubai, Sharjah, Jiddah, and India Like imerex tracking. Their aim is to be more useful and productive in a few countries instead of expanding business all over the world with the compromise of quality. It is a fact that those tracking and shipping companies that are operating worldwide are not as efficient as those companies which are focused on specific regions.

Mode of Working – Best cargo tracking 

As said earlier, best Cargo is one of the most expensive shipping companies. The major reason for the high charges is that they ensure that your precious packages will reach your destination. For this purpose, they use air, sea, and local freight systems. Having so many ways to ship the couriers and parcels means that no delivery will be late or fail to reach the destination.

1- Air freight

For international customers, the company uses an air freight system to ship the logistics. They have partnerships with air transportation companies so that their logistics reach the right location without any delay. The air freight system requires more workers so the costs are also high.

2- Sea freight

In case the air freight system fails to ship the product, then the company uses sea freight to ensure that the floating ships take your important packages, parcels, and shipments to your loved ones. The cost of sea transportation is comparatively less than air freight. However, overall costs are higher than an average shipping company.


3- Local fright system

The best Cargo logistics Tracking company is functional in providing services within the country. The users can send their logistics from one city to another in just a few days. For local shipments, they use local freight systems which consist of buses and local transport.

Delivery Time duration

The company claims that the team will ship the products in just 4 working days. The quick turnaround is only possible due to multiple modes of transportation and excellent supply chain management. If one transportation system fails, another is ready to ship the package on time. People love their fast service that’s why they seem willing to spend more.

When you use their services, they provide you with a tracking code to know the delivery status of your courier. By using the code, you remain well aware of your precious goods and parcels. You use our website to keep a check on your parcel via tracking code.

Branches and Contacts

The company is operational in a few countries and the head office is located in Dubai. If you’re from Dubai, feel free to visit the official team to get more details and information about the shipping costs. Moreover, you can contact the following address to be up to date

Email: i[email protected]

Phone: 04 2617 500

Address: Al Raffa Street, Near Ghubaiba Metro Station Bur Dubai.

Following are the branches of the best cargo company that you can visit 24/7 to get your deal done.

  • Best cargo Saudi
  • Best cargo Dubai
  • Best cargo India
  • Best cargo Jeddah
  • Best cargo Sharjah

Special Discount & Delivery Charges

When you use the best cargo from Dubai to India or Saudi to India, you will get a 12% discount on your parcels and shipments. Moreover, the usual rates depend on the delivery type that you choose. Following are the delivery type

  • Normal Delivery
  • Express Delivery
  • On-time Delivery

Express delivery is more expensive compared to normal and on-time delivery types. In case you want immediate service, go for express delivery as the product will reach its destination in less than 2 days.

Benefits of Best Cargo Tracking

  • Users stay informed and make better decisions with data-driven insights 
  • Ensure compliance with government regulations  and standards
  • Eliminate paper tracking and manual processes
  • Improve customer satisfaction with faster, more efficient service
  • Reduce the risk of lost or stolen cargo


There is no doubt that Best Cargo Tracking is one of the most efficient companies. Those who are living abroad know the importance of timely delivery of shipments. To avoid unnecessary delays, make sure to choose the best cargo if you want a quick turnaround time.