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Do you have a shipment with Border Express Tracking? Enter border express tracking number to check the status of any shipment in Australia.

Border Express

Border express provides a 24/7 service for their customers. In this way they are able to meet all the urgent and ever changing demands of their customers. They have metro as well as interstate courier services.

If you have an account of Border Express then you are eligible to avail wide range of services and perks offered by Border Express to their customers. Through these services they have built a huge loyal customer base.

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Border Express is a generational business and currently the third generation owns the business and work on it with pure dedication. Throughout Australia they have built their reputation as one of the most regarded and respected distributers as well as logistics partner for the businesses in the country.

It is a privately owned transportation organization in Australia where people who are the owners of the business are also the people who work in the business thus, they are accountable for everything. Moreover, they also treat their customers needs as their own thus, providing extra care to the packages they are transporting.

Border Express Tracking

The independence of owning as well as working in the same company gives them an opportunity to shape the future in front of you. This is because the understand that there will not be any value if they remain stagnant therefore, they need to look forward towards the future in order to become industry leaders.

Moreover, it is easy to reach out to them in regard to any query and get a direct answer from them. The culture of Border Express is centered towards their family values. Border express believes that customer care is one of the most fundamental things to keep in mind along with quality service to be able to satisfy their customers.

Border Express’s vision is to be recognized as the leaders in the logistics and distribution industry. They want to out perform in the service they provide, the deliveries they make every day, and the value they give to their customers.

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In order to achieve their vision, Border Express has put in all its assets such as its people, innovation, and technology. They make sure that the environment to achieve this vision is safe as well as sustainable.


There are two types of services that Border Express provides. One is the bulk express and the other is parcel express. Bulk express is basically the logistics and freight service whereas, parcel express is their parcel delivery service.

In bulk express, Border express deals with mass distribution of goods and products from one business to another. For your business to keep moving, Border express provides this service through metro as well as interstate delivery.

The bulk express is a door to door delivery service for businesses which uses multiple pallets as well as full truck loads to get the products or goods delivered to retailers and all of regional parts of Australia. Border Express Australia provide delivery to every postcode in Australia.

No matter if it’s a pallet or crates, Border express promises to deliver your freight with 100 percent safety and security. They make sure that their deliveries are not only timely but are also damage free with quality service.

The entire purpose of the bulk express of Border express is to help business do the big move or mass distribution of their goods. To do so they have a linehaul fleet which is entirely dedicated to their company.

Border Express provides businesses in Australia with quality as well as reliable parcel delivery service. They have the professionalism required to conduct the business of parcel delivery with utmost care.

According to the different delivery times of the parcel, Border express provides the business their quotations as well as estimates. To make it easy for the small business owners in Australia to be able to afford the parcel delivery, Border express provides affordable solutions to them which prevents such businesses from going through all the hassles.

Border Express’s services are for multiple types of packages. It does not matter what the size, shape, or weight of the parcel is because Border express will make sure it is delivered to the recipient in the original condition.

They provide delivery for B2B parcels. This includes distribution of goods locally, express delivery, as well as transportation of goods that are fragile or dangerous.

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Border Express Tracking

The delivery process of Border Express starts by you booking the pick up of your parcel online through their online account. You select a day you want your parcel to be collected from your location and on that day a Border Express courier person will pick it.

To make sure all the goods are delivered safely and timely, Border Express takes special care of all the handling, transportation, and sorting of the goods or products to be delivered.

It is very important for a customer to know where their freight is at different times as it prevents them from unnecessary stress. Keeping this in mind, Border Express provides its customers with a tracking facility through which customers can access their transit information online.

Unlike postal systems that do not provide tracking service, Border Express’s courier services are safer and more secure. Tracking facility is very important for all the businesses that are frequently engaged in sending and receiving valuable parcels.

Border Express

By going to the ‘track it’ page on the Border Express’s website, you can enter your connote number to track your parcel. You can also use you BEX online account to see the delivery progress of your parcel by logging into that account.

The tracking facility will give you information regarding the tentative date and time of delivery so that you can make all the necessary arrangements beforehand. Moreover, you can also see multiple stages your parcel went through along with the date and time.

Border Express Customer Service

You can go to the ‘contact us’ tab on the website of Border Express and fill a form with some of your personal details along with the message you have for them or a query you want to get answered and someone from the team will get back to you. You can also use the following border express phone number to get your queries answered:

1300 100 BEX (1300 100 239)

The customer service is available from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday except public holidays.