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About Cosco

One of the top global suppliers of integrated container shipping services, Cosco Container Lines Co., Ltd. was established on March 1st, 2016, by combining the integrated container enterprises of CSCL and Cosco, its predecessor.
The whole Cosco shipping line is owned by Cosco Shipping Holding, which is based in Shanghai, China. With a combined capacity of about 1.9 million TEUs as of March 2018, the firm had roughly 373 container ships and was ranked fourth internationally. The shipping company also held the top spot in Asia.
Cosco sailinh schedule varies every day. From travelling between important ports in Europe, Africa, America, Africa, and Australia, Cosco’s also travels between Asia and China. Global clients will receive trustworthy, effective, and eco-friendly container transportation services from Cosco. The company has constantly won prizes and accolades because of its dedication.

Cosco Tracking

One of the various services available for tracking shipments is Cosco Container Tracking. All forms of cargo, particularly Cosco Container Tracking packages, can be tracked quickly and easily online. It’s now simpler than ever to track a Cosco container. You may always stay informed about where your products are and what’s happening to them with the Cosco Container Tracking option.
One of the most crucial things for this kind of business is to keep track of any container, shipments, or parcels that depart China via Cosco. In this manner, they will always be aware of the precise arrival time of their shipment.
Cosco Tracking
They wouldn’t have to wait till their client speaks first, which could lead to even more issues later. If there was any sort of difficulty along the route, they will be able to answer immediately away.
You can track and trace Cosco containers with only one click thanks to’s Cosco container tracking service. Along with container movements, the ship’s current location will be immediately displayed on the global map.
The option is online, simple, and expertly presented to you by if you want to locate a shipment of the Cosco shipping line.

Cosco Service Location

The 140 countries served by the global firm with roots in China aspires to connect and promote international trade. Each year, Cosco supplies containers to every country in the world while transporting 3 million containers for sea transport.

Cosco Customer Service

To avail cosco customer assistance, contact then through their phone number, you can also email them with your issues, they will response in mean time.
The information is given below:
Telephone Number: 4009 601919
Contact Email: [email protected]


Can I track Cosco shipment with Bill of lading number?

Almost all countries in the world can track COSCO with BOL using our web service. Only a very small number of countries may not have any links, but if that is the case, you will learn about it as soon as COSCO Shipment sends you details about your item.

What if I can’t track my Cosco package?

You can easily track your shipment directly on the COSCO website if you experience any issues with online container tracking system. You should get in touch with COSCO if you don’t receive any tracking information via the company’s website.