CTI Tracking | Express Freight Logistics Status

Do you have any shipments with CTI logistics? Enter the CTI tracking number to see the current details of order status.

About CTI

Since 1973, CTI Logistics Limited (CTI) has offered business, logistical, and transportation services.

With over 1,000 dedicated workers working for their set of firms, their mentality is straightforward: “Whatever it takes” to complete the task.

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They are flexible enough to accommodate all of your transportation needs, whether it be an envelope carried across town or a load across the country, thanks to their fleet of more than 750 vehicles that are currently on the road.

CTI Tracking

From CTI’s official website, you may follow the progress of your order. After they have finished all the processes necessary for shipping and delivery services, the user will have accessibility to the cti logistics tracking number, which is necessary to accurately track the goods or postal service.

CTI Tracking

Customers of CTI will also have access to CTI freight Tracking, which is required for both tracking shipments and reporting any claims related to them.

Using 1trackings.com’s tracking and shipping service, it’s simple to keep track of your product’s status using cti tracking number. Additionally, it provides almost all of the regional transportation organizations’ regional transportation services.

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CTI Customer Service

To reach out Cti customer care department, you can contact them at their phone number or email address that re given below:

Contact Phone Number: (08) 9422 1100

Email: [email protected]

Headquarters Address: 1 Drummond Place, West Perth WA 6005,PO Box 400 West Perth WA 6872