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Do you have a shipment with Dachser. Enter the Dachser tracking number to find out current status of your shipment.

About Dachser Logistics

German logistics company Dachser has its headquarters in Kempten, in the Allgäu region. Thomas Dachser established it in 1930. His grandchild Bernhard Simon has served as the management board’s spokesperson since January 2005. At 256 locations around the world, the family business employs 15,000 people, 8,000 of whom are in Germany. Dachser recorded a 3.1-billion-euro revenue in 2006.

Moving Allgäu cheese towards the Rhineland region during the start of the 1930s Depression, DACHSER launched its first branch in Memmingen in 1934.

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In 1951, DACHSER established its first air freight department at Munich Airport. By the end of that decade, it employed more than 1,000 employees and had generated far beyond DM 70 million in revenue.

The company created specialized logistics solutions to satisfy the demands of the clients. The best chance to make a lot of money is when you adopt a partnership plan, which encourages both parties to build a sustained commercial relationship.

As a result, the organization’s hardworking staff and knowledgeable management offer safety and adaptability at every stage of the supply chain. Dachser has branches in 400 different locations in forty different countries because its mission is to assist the entire community.

Dachser Tracking

Once your order has been validated, it is time to use the Dachser logistics tracking, which you can access via their official website.

It is simple to follow marine containers, vehicle transportation, terminals (gates), import general manifests, export general manifests, sea freight cargo, cargo, and logistics from location to location and port to port using the Dachser container tracking number.

Dachser Tracking

The tracking section’s tabs, which might be filled up with a tracking number, container number, or other reference number, must be completed. After completing all of the steps, click Track to see the progress of your order.

Using 1trackings.com, you can track your shipment. You will be able to follow your shipment in real-time once it has been sent out. Therefore, you must obtain this information from the business’s email or your receipt.

Simply copy the number once you have it and type it into the monitoring text field above. Now click the “track” button next to the box, and the dachser cargo tracking details will appear on your screen.

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Dachser Customer Service

Telephone and email customer care is offered by Dachser. You can discover all the contact information for Dachser’s customer service on their website if there are any inquiries or issues with your shipment.

Phone number: +49 831 59160
Email ID: [email protected]

Official Website: www.dachser.com


How can I track my Dachser package?

You can track your delivery from Dachser on 1trackings.com with the help of a tracking number. The company provided you with this number so you could recognize and monitor the courier.

What is the format of Dachser tracking number?

There is an 11-digit common pattern for the Dachser Tracking Number. for illustration, LXYZ1235587. Depending on the company you use, your delivery notification will take one of several formats.