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About Daylight Transport

A privately owned expedited LTL shipping and logistics business with its main office in Long Beach, California, is called Daylight Transport. The company was created by the United States, which is a significant accomplishment. When the business was established in 1977, cross-country transit times ranged from 7 to 15 days. This was reduced to two to three days, coast to coast, with innovations including two-driver sleeper squads.

Over the last three decades, Daylight has steadily expanded to become one of the top expedited LTL carriers in the country. The tagline for Daylight is “Explore. Create. Achieve”.  They strive to comprehend their clients’ needs and business practices at each level of the firm. They go on to present a superior, long-lasting, and advantageous option.

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Every department in your company, including logistics, supply chain management, sales, customer support, and finance, benefits from daylight speed. Their Just-in-Time LTL system supports just-in-time ship-to-order programs, as well as shorter wait times, greater order fill rates, and less safety stocks.

The result is a big success both for Daylight and their clients. Every area in your business benefits from daylight speed in today’s lean, just-in-time economy, but particularly marketing, logistics, support, and finance.

Daylight Tracking

Like all other transportation and logistics companies, Daylight Transport provides its clients with a daylight transport tracking service. This is because tracking systems make it simple to quickly obtain all necessary order details and to determine the progress of an order.

Daylight Transport Tracking

To use their tracking features for daytime transportation, you should first visit their website. Once you’ve done that, navigate down to find the “track my parcel” link and input the daytime tracking number.

Because of its straightforward process and exceptional service, Daylight Transport has become one of the top destinations for any logistical services that your company may require.

It is simple to track and trace your package with our online tracking system. Simply type your tracking number into the daylight transport pickup tracking field. The confirmation email that the company issued you contains a daylight tracking number that you can find there. You can immediately get the latest information about your shipment via the automated system.

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The information includes the parcel’s location right now and whether it is being dispatched. It is simple to keep track of the whereabouts of your package using Additionally, it includes the great majority of global transport corporations as well as regional shipping enterprises.

Daylight Customer Service

You may always get in touch with their customer care department by phone or email for further information.

Phone Number: 1-800-468-9999

Contact Email: [email protected]

Head Office Address: 1501 Hughes Way, Suite 200, Long Beach, CA 90810


What information is required for Daylight transport tracking?

On our website, all you need to do is input your daylight transport tracking order number. You will see the progress of your order once you have completed that. By using tracking information that is given to you, you can track your order as well.