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Are you curious to find out about your order status from DTDC? Enter the DTDC tracking status code to check current status of your shipment.

About DTDC

Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo is an abbreviation for “Desk to Desk” service. Indian courier business DTDC Express Limited has its headquarters in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka.
By creating a strategic collaboration with Geopost’s DPD group — Europe’s second largest parcel delivery company — DTDC has begun the process of shifting its focus from express documents to integrated parcels. DTDC Express Limited is the new name for the company as part of the Vision 2020 initiative, which is aimed at strengthening the company’s position as a logistics industry leader.
Brand repositioning is an effort to increase DTDC’s visibility as a global leader in express logistics and the markets in which it works. Through its extensive network of more than 10500 franchisees, DTDC Express Limited can maintain a monthly volume of over 12 million packages and a physical presence in more than 500 district offices, all while serving more than 10,500 Pin codes.
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DTDC Tracking

Here at 1trackings.com, you may track your DTDC package else you can go directly to DTDC’s main website.

DTDC SMS Tracker

You can track your parcel by sending an SMS with the words “TRACK space Consignment Number” to the number 9230092300, you may keep tabs on your package’s whereabouts. This disclaimer is intended to clarify that the City and Pin-code serviceability features will discuss whether or not DTDC has a presence/reach to the chosen city/pin-code for its Lite products. All items and services may not be readily available in the city or postal code even if they are serviceable there. DTDC Tracking


DTDC If you’re working with DTDC and want to integrate your tracking with theirs, you can use E-Tracker, an online tool that does just that. E-enabled customers will benefit the most from this because their back-end systems are ready for system-level integration.
Web services, HTTP Requests, and encrypted FTP integration are all viable options for system integration. The system presented here gives configurable, frequent updates on the status of incremental shipments. In addition to system-level integration, this solution may also email the customer regular updates on the progress of their shipments as CSV files.

DTDC Service Location

Due to DTDC’s low-cost franchise concept, they were able to meet their needs for funding, resources, and expertise. This sparked their drive for business and helped DTDC become a household name.
DTDC now has over 12,000 thriving franchisees (channel partners) around the country, and the company’s model is frequently used as a case study in academic settings all over the world.
Through its operations, joint ventures, and business associates, DTDC Express Limited has a broad global footprint and serves 240 international sites, including those in America, the UK, Canada, Emirates, Hong Kong, Australia, China, and all Asian countries. The efforts of the DTDC staff are crucial to the network’s success. There are 35,000 members of the company’s “family” who share its dedication to service, including workers, franchisees, and their associates.


Does DTDC allow tracking without a tracking number?

The package can be tracked using any Internet-connected device. Tracking is limited to 25 consignments separated by commas. Through the use of the DTDC contact Number or the matching Reference Number, customers can monitor the status of their packages.

Are there any requirements related to invoicing to DTDC?

If you need a down payment, you can use the sample receipt we’ve provided to send one over to us.