Eircodes Tracking Benefits and conflicts in Ireland

As we know there are many advantages and disadvantages of the traditional zip code system. But Ireland has introduced a really good and smart system to track addresses all over the country that calls the Eircode Tracking system.

There are many benefits of this system but many people suffer from this because of not enough knowledge. In this article, We would like to answer all the necessary queries related to Eircodes in Ireland. According to a survey around 40% of addresses share building with each other like big plazas and shopping malls. So it becomes complex to find exact addresses with traditional zip code tracking.

To tackle this kind of issue Government launched this smart system.

Eircodes Tracking

This is a digital smart system so there is a managed database behind it that updates quarterly there are a few Eircode finder tools that help to find accurate addresses in seconds.

If you face issues in tracking a code then you can complain to the related govt department and they will solve it in the next update.

Key benefits

There are many benefits of this system but few of them are really beneficial.

  • It allows businesses to 100% accurately identify addresses so they can receive deliveries at exact locations.
  • The delivery system becomes highly accurate and reliable with help of it.
  • You have control to update your codes in case of any errors.
  • Many people describe that they were able to find the correct address without any delay with help of the Eircode tracking system.

Responsibility of Business Owners | Eircodes Tracking

As we know business change addresses and in some case many businesses get closed and new businesses gets operational every day. So it is necessary for all of them to take care of their Eircode and update it whenever they make changes in their business.

Conflicts with google map

Though related departments announced in 2017 that Eircodes are fully connected with Google maps and you can search addresses by entering a code in Google Maps but many people have issues and we can see them here.

I think It still needs improvements to properly work with widely known Google maps.


Final words :

As we know every system require improvements and updates, especially in the digital world so Eircode also need a few improvements but it is a great system that helps thousands of peoples and businesses daily.

As per my testing, I really liked its autocomplete feature where it suggests different addresses from its database according to your entered words.