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Do you have a shipment with Equick? Enter the Equick tracking number to check the current status of your parcel/shipment.

About Equick China

The Chinese company Equick courier was established in 2009 and focuses on logistics, international air freight, and package delivery. Experts in international express shipping, transportation, and order management form the Equick management team, which provides its clients with efficient and individualized cross-border logistics strategies.

Equick’s primary focus is on optimizing and delivering products for the e-commerce supply chain. With the help of its many international associates, the firm can provide a safe and dependable international shipping service. Equick can help online merchants expand their businesses internationally because of the discounted prices of the services it offers.

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Online retailers can turn to Equick for help with logistics and expedited shipping when using marketplaces like AliExpress, Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon. Equick facilitates the global distribution of products sold on these marketplaces.

Equick works with partners such as Canada Post, USPS, Hermes, GLS, and many others to ensure that items reach their intended recipients once they arrive in the destination country.

Equick Tracking

After the seller has packed and given your order to an Equick carrier, tracking will begin. Then, your shipment will be sent to one of Equick’s many sorting and processing centers in China before being exported to your nation and handed off to the local carrier for the final mile of delivery.

Equick Tracking

To track a package, simply go to the “track my package” or “track a parcel” section of the site and enter the Equick tracking number. When you use their service, you have access to the most advanced package tracking system available at any post office.

If you need to check on your Equick shipping in English, you can do so by entering your tracking number below and clicking the Track Package option. If you’re tracking an item using EquickChina, you’ll see a number that looks like EQKML0000000000YQ.

Equick tracking UK monitoring is also available at 1trackings.com. When you have a tracking number for an international shipment, you may enter it into the tracking website and have instant access to detailed information about your package’s whereabouts.

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Equick Service Locations

Locations, where this service is available, include Luxembourg, Slovakia, Norway, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Slovenia, Denmark, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Finland, Austria, and more. The US, CA, AU, and NZ are all included in the delivery service.

Equick Customer Service

Call customer service to find out where your order is in the processing pipeline. There are a few methods to get in touch with the Equick team. If you give them your registered phone number or email address, they will get in touch with you and inform you know the current location of your stuff.

Address: No. 2 Guangqu East Road, Chaoyang, District, Beijing

Phone number: 01061654416


What are Equick fast lines?

With an expected delay of 5-10 business days to European countries, the small parcel delivery service provides worldwide deliveries to the whole world and primarily Europe. Local couriers then take over and deliver the packages to their final destination.