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Do you want to know more about your Estonia post? Enter the given Estonia post tracking number to see more details of your order.

About Estonia Post

With the whole Baltic region serving as its local market, Estonia Post, also referred as Omniva, is a multinational post and logistics corporation established in Tallinn, Estonia. The corporation changed its name to Omniva in June 2014; it had previously been known as Eesti Post. Its history dates back to 1638, when postal services first began in the Estonian region, which was then a unit of the Swedish Empire.

The main postal service provider in Estonia is called Estonian Post Office (Omniva). Letter and package delivery is the major activity. In 1991, it was created. Tallinn is where the headquarters are situated. In addition to being a part of PostEurope, Omniva is a part of the Baltic Postal Union. This service has more than 400 branches spread over the country of Estonia.

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Omniva offers the following services to individuals: ordering magazines, executing contracts for the execution of various services, managing financial affairs, shipping letters and packages (including EMS items), distributing lotto tickets, postal and commemorative commodities, and more. Additionally, Estonian Post offers a broad range of logistical services to legal businesses.

Estonia Post Tracking

Customers of Estonian Post have access to the status of their shipments. If you want to monitor your package, you can go to their website because it has a Estonia post office tracking feature that will do just that.

Estonia Post Tracking

You must input the package number on the website’s home page to accomplish Estonia package tracking. Estonia Post’s parcel number complies with world standards. It has 13 characters in total, including two uppercase Latin letters, nine numerals, and the letters EE combined.

When you select “Track,” you will be given all the pertinent information about your package, deliveries, mail, etc. The system is set up so that you may depend on the Estonia shipping tracking service.

EMS deliveries from Estonia can be readily tracked on for international shipments sent by Estonia Post. Enter your tracking information to instantly find out the status of your shipment.

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You can check the status of your foreign EMS mail, postal service parcel, cargo, or package online by visiting our website, selecting the tracking area, and entering your (Estonia Post) Omniva Tracking number.

Estonia Post Customer Service

To handle any problems, call Estonia Post at their telephone number. They have a customer service team that is available around-the-clock, and they will respond to all of your issues and provide updates till you are happy.

Customer Support Phone number: 661 6616

Contact Email: [email protected]

Helping Times: Mon–Fri 9:00–20:00 & Sat–Sun and on public holidays 9:00–15:00


Headquarters address: Tallinn, 10001, Pallavi – 28


How to find tracking number from Saudi Post Estonia Europe branch?

You will receive a shipment receipt from Saudi Post when you ship or deliver a package. You can find your Saudi Postal tracking number on a variety of documents, including postal receipt and retransmission forms, internet – based e records, sales receipts, and insurance receipts if you bought insurance online.

How can I track Estonia post order?

You can track your Estonia Post order using their website or by using our website