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About FlightAware

Leading technology business FlightAware offers real-time historical and predictive aircraft tracking data as well as live flight status updates. Since its launch in 2005, FlightAware has grown to become the largest flight search platform in the world, offering over 10,000 aircraft owners and 13,000 passengers’ solutions and analytics.

FlightAware is a dependable source of online aviation data for carriers, airports, tour operators, owners and investors, cargo, air traffic control, and more. FlightAware and Sweden-based FlightRadar24 compete for the same market, but FlightAware’s product lineup is significantly more complete and is used by travelers and airlines all over the world.

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The most exciting feature of FlightAware may be how most real-time data is collected: through a worldwide network of ADS-B receivers, many of which are found in AvGeeks’ homes all over the world. Anyone who submits data to FlightAware receives a free enterprise-level subscription (worth $89 in total). In the entire world, about 25,000 people do.

According to Baker, FlightAware is largely focused on creating products for customers and its commercial clients, who include a who’s who of airlines, and massive data-wrangling initiatives. Compared to rivals like FlightRadar24, its focus is significantly different.

FlightAware Flight Tracking

By using live flight tracking live tracker, you can explore the skies nearby or all over the world. For a more thorough view, click on any airplane or airport. You can also add additional layers by clicking the layer symbol in the top right corner of their website.

FlightAware Flight Tracking

To track a flight, most travelers will open FlightAware on their desktop. The features that FlightAware offers assist in establishing passenger expectations. or the demands of their family. Additionally, it increases confidence in the data supplied by the airlines.

All areas of the aviation business will benefit from reliable real-time, historical, and predicted flight insights provided by tracking from the official FlightAware website.

You can use 1trackings.com to search for flightaware tracking. You will require your country of departure and destination, flight number, and ticket number if you plan to track your flight on our website.

Users have the option of searching for flights by airport code, route, airlines, flight number, or airplane registration. On our website, you may view a complete map with a radar overlay and the whole flight details.

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You can get push alerts for a specific flight’s arrival and departure times as well as any changes to the gate, cancellations, or diversions.

FlightAware Customer Service

You can use FlightAware official website for any kind of question or queries. The information is given below:

Telephone: +1-713-877-9010

E-mail: [email protected]

Timings: Friday 08:00AM – 08:00PM EDT

Official website: https://flightaware.com/live/


Can I track FlightAware flight through mobile app?

With their app, you can follow the status of any commercial aircraft worldwide as well as aviation services in the USA and Canada.

Which flights can I track using FlightAware flight tracking?

FlightAware Flight Tracker can monitor general aviation aircraft including private and chartered planes in the Canada and the United States in addition to allowing users to view the progress of any commercial flight throughout the world.