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Are you looking for parcel from gwui tracking? Just enter your order number details and you can check the status.

Amazon’s shipping method in the United States and Canada is abbreviated as GWUI, which stands for Geodis Wilson USA Inc.

GWUI transfers Amazon packages to another shipping company at the US-Canadian border. My packages are usually forwarded to Canada Post, but I’ve also had them delivered by DHL and UPS on rare occasions.

People think GWUI will deliver the package because no information is provided about which carrier has possession of it. This new shipping company has slapped a new label on top of Amazon’s (with the GWUI Tracking ID). A new tracking number is generated, but it doesn’t update your Amazon account.

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To track a package with Gwui, simply copy and paste the tracking number into the box above or navigate to the dedicated track my package page. We offer the most robust package tracking system available to any postal service. You can use any foreign tracking number on because it is a universal tracking service that can be used to trace a parcel worldwide.

Packages dispatched by Gwui courier can be tracked on their website with a few mouse clicks and they ship to a wide variety of countries. You can check the delivery status and whereabouts of your mail or parcel by entering the tracking number provided by the sender into this site.

gwui tracking
  1. When your order arrives, you’ll get a tracking number and be able to follow its progress in your account.
  2. After you have your reference number, you may monitor your delivery from the shipping centre to your doorstep.
  3. You may track your package on either or the GWUI website.
  4. Input your tracking number and press the button to monitor your shipment’s delivery.

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GEODIS Service Locations

Logistics plays a critical role in a company’s ability to compete. GWUI is an industry-leading transport and logistics provider that assists its customers in performing their everyday tasks by removing logistical hurdles. As a true growth partner, GWUI has earned a reputation for excellence across the whole supply chain.

Distribution Network Management, Logistics Services, Logistics Solutions, Distribution & Express, and Road Transport are the five divisions that make GWUI a truly global company, present in 67 countries directly and with a network spanning another 120. Globally, GWUI holds the no. 7 spot, while in Europe, we have the no. 4 spot. In addition to being the market share leader in both distribution and express in France, GWUI is also a global leader in these areas.


How long does GWUI take to deliver the order?

In terms of 24–48-hour delivery across Europe, GWUI is the undisputed leader in France and ranks fourth overall among Distribution & Express solutions operators.

How do I check the status of my GWUI order?

There’s an IRIS app for both Apple and Google’s mobile operating systems. Whenever and whenever you are, you may use this app to schedule and oversee your shipments. IRIS provides real-time push notification.