History of SpeedPak Collaboration With eBay (2007)

Speedpak alliance was formed with the assistance of the business sector and the state.  In 1995, FAS, the State Training Agency, had hired speedak to run the Employment Community labour market initiative. Speedpak Contract Solutions to Industries are now open for business. In the year 1999 Speedpak obtained a 999 lease with the IDA for a location in Dublin Clonshaugh 17’s technology and business Park.

The Enterprise Department, Trade, and Employment had funded the construction of Speedpak’s initial training centre with a grant. To accommodate expanding demand, the company purchased the Shamrock Rosettes firm in order to increase profitability and give extra work exposure and training possibilities.

After that in 2001 Irish Rosettes Ltd.’s credibility and client base were purchased in order to gain a prominent market position within Republic of Ireland. In 2004, Clann Credo provided speedpak with their very initial social finance mortgage to help them meet their working cash and capital expenditures needs. In 2005, speedpak was awarded its first out of four yearly assistance funds by the Unit of CRGA’s Regional Drugs and Development Strategy Department to help offering job experiences and training prospects to previous drug addicts who were still unemployed.

History of SpeedPak

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Study on employment hurdles for long-term jobless people was undertaken with the goal of developing a monitoring mechanism to track the Far Traveled to Employability, in 2007 Speedpak received the very first yearly Corporate Social Responsibility grant from Forest Labs. This local relationship allows them to sustain and develop their trainees’ output and associated facilities.

In collaboration with Coláiste Dhlaigh Institute of Higher Education, they tested a novel Workplace Accreditation Model (WAM) that translated occupational training into an academic certificate – comparable to the Leave Certificate – and a Grand Award of the Framework national Qualifications. On labor force programs, the Far Travelled Tracking System was tested with every training personnel. More than 40 employment indicators were gathered by the approach across five arenas, in 2009.

In 2010, In response to the financial and job crises, Speedpak had increased their trainee staff by 50%, providing additional work training and experience possibilities to members in the latest government TS worker marketplace initiative, which is administered regionally by Northside Partners. In the same year, Speedpak signs their first contract with the Community Service Program (CSP).  

The CSP, which POBAL manages on account of the government, helps social businesses provide local economic, social or environmental solutions that address disadvantage by providing salary subsidies. This was a critical deal for a Working Integrated Social Enterprise (WISE) such as Speedpak, which recognized the costs of good social effect and resourced the firm appropriately to offer a local solutions or alternatives to long-term joblessness.

Fast forward to 2020, All through the outbreak of covid 19 pandemic, the firm continued to provide critical solutions such as warehousing, shipping, and logistical – to their B2B clients who provided PPE as well as throwaway catering goods to healthcare systems in Ireland and across the EU. They have shifted their Shamrock Rosettes company to make and sell upcycled cotton facemasks. Even while the pandemic was still there, employees on their job market program were furloughed in compliance with HSE and officials’ guidelines. Ever since firm ‘s inception, 1,350 jobless people have been given jobs and industry-led education.