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Holland Trucking

Holland has established itself as one of the best trucking companies in the industry when compared with its competitors. Holland has known to deliver the greatest number of next day deliveries to facilitate urgent needs of customers.

Originally Holland trucking was established to facilitate the needs and demands of people living in the center of United States of America. Holland has now expanded its service in the Southeast and Midwest of the United States of America. They now serve to a wider customer base.

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Holland believes that it is important to treat the packages of their customers as their own. To do so, they have many employees that go out of their way to satisfy the needs and demands of their customers.

Furthermore, Holland employees are also responsible of getting all the packages shipped and delivered on time. They also must ensure that no matter how fragile the products in the package are, they should be delivered without any damage.

It is Holland Trucking’s dedicated employees that have contributed towards building a loyal customer base. They ensure that they satisfy each and every customer of theirs by treating their package with utmost care and deliver it safely.

Holland tracking believes that their core values drive them in whatever they do. Their core values enable them to do better not only as individuals but also as a company. Over everything, they prioritize giving their customers the best shipping experience they could possibly have. This is also evident because they have been recognized publicly multiple times for their exceptional services and quality.

Holland Trucking Tracking

Holland trucking has one of the most professional drivers to deliver packages all over the central, Southeast, and Midwest of USA. It is because of these drivers that Holland trucking can provide next day delivery for customers urgent needs.

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Holland tracking phone number helps customers to keep in contact with the company and get their information easily. Their drivers have also put their skillset to test by taking part in multiple competitions to prove themselves. One such competition in National Truck Driving Championships.


Holland trucking provides multiple services to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. They provide standard less than truckload (LTL) services to their customers. In every shipment, Holland trucking ensures next day delivery.

Their focus is on delivering throughout the Central, Southeast, and Midwest of the United States of America. Due to a delivering in limited areas they are able to ensure next day delivery. Throughout their service area, only Holland trucking has the most amount of next day delivery lanes than any other competitor.

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Their expedited delivery service gives customers a peace of mind that their package will be delivered to them when they need it. The entire purpose of Holland trucking is to meet the urgent needs of customers.

Apart from next day delivery, Holland trucking also provides two- and three-day delivery service to other regions of the country through which it defines itself as a one stop shop for all regional shipping needs of the customers.

Another service that Holland trucking provides is Guaranteed Standard service. This service’s purpose is to ensure that your freight reaches its destination on the day of standard service. If your company can not afford or put their trust into vendors and supply chain then, Holland trucking helps your business keep the confidence in vendors and supply chains through their Guaranteed Standard Service.

In some cases, it is important for businesses to send a particular shipment and want it to be delivered to the recipient by a certain time. Not before the time nor after the time. The window for delivery can be between one to five days. Holland trucking will deliver the shipment on the desired day at 5 pm or just when the business closing time is near.

Holland trucking tracking

Even though if a shipping company provides the best quality service and promises next day or timely delivery, it will be difficult for a customer to believe it. For a customer to believe what a shipment company is saying is true they find it essential for the company to provide them with tracking facility.

For the ease and satisfaction of customers, Holland trucking provides its customers with a tracking facility. You can track your parcel by going to the ‘track’ tab on their website. There are multiple reference numbers that you can sue to track your order.

You can use PRO number, Bill of lading number, PO number, Load number, or booking number to track your order. These numbers are provided you with your receipt that consists of your billing and shipment details.

Through Holland trucking tracking you can access multiple information regarding your package. You can get to know the tentative date and time at which your package will be delivered to you. In this way you can be available and make any arrangements you want to receive the package. Holland freight shipment tracking helps you get your parcels shipped from the company to your address without facing any difficulty.

Moreover, you can also see your order status. This means that you can see where in the delivery cycle your package is at that moment. You can also get to know the date and time at which your package was at multiple locations from warehouse to carrier to transit to recipient.

Through Holland tracking you can easily see the status of your order. You can also get a heads up if your package will be delivered to you late. In this way you can make alternate arrangements.

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The tracking facility is to prevent the customers from unnecessarily worrying about their package. This is because customers are at peace by watching time to time updates of their order and they do not have to worry about their parcel being misplaced.

Lastly, the Holland trucking tracking gives customers transparency as nothing is hidden from them. Customers have control over the entire delivery process as they are aware of each step their package undergoes.

Holland Trucking Customer Service

Holland trucking has one of the most exceptional customer services. They make it a point to facilitate their customers in every possible way. You can go to the ‘contact’ tab on Holland trucking’s website and get contact information regarding multiple purpose. You can also contact on the following number to get your queries answered or to send your messages to their team

Holland Contacts

700 S. Waverly Rd.
Holland, MI 49423
800-456-6322 General Inquiries
866-465-5263 Pickups and Tracking/Tracing
616-395-5000 Main Phone
844-617-6411 Hiring Hotline

Customer Payments:
27052 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1270