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IPS Tracking

In today’s times, companies that specialize in freight services have gotten highly popular for the convenience they provide to the users as well as their timely services. One such company that has also made its mark is the IPS group, which is a privately owned Irish company which specializes in air freight and global sea services. They aim to provide the best to their clients, and are thus a brand which is based on integrity and professionalism. With the out-class services provided by the IPS group, they ensure that individual customer needs are always met.

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They do so by carefully understanding the complexities of international shipping and thus planning in advance. Their knowledge, planning and experience help them in assessing the client needs, which further helps them in fulfilling those needs in a seamless manner, ensuring your product is delivered with finesse. IPS parcel is exceptional in the sea freight and air freight services they provide to the people and this has become their specialty as well.

IPS Tracking


There are several services provided by the IPS group. Each of these services are there to make your job easier, especially with an experienced employee base and the dedication to make sure your shipment reaches timely and effortlessly. The following services are provided by IPS group.

Sea freight import

IPS group has been one of the leading groups that do sea freight import. This entails that they import your shipments and make sure that the shipments reach timely to their desired destinations. Sea freight import is a great option to go for especially for businesses that are looking to import a large amount of consumer goods, which also makes them a highly cost-effective option. The sea freight import also has certain forms it comes in, and each of these forms is fully provided by the IPS group. Alongside this, IPS freight tracking group also guarantees weekly loading of products and have a deep-sea consolidation service from all major wordle commercial centers, which makes them the go-to option for your sea freight imports.

Sea freight exports

IPS are one of the best to choose from when talking about sea freight exports. They make sure to provide twice weekly services to more than 800 worldwide destinations. They also cover a wide range of areas including America, Caribbean, Australia, Middle East, Indian ocean and even the Mediterranean. With so many regions and dedicated customer service, their rates are also mind-blowing, ensuring that you get a full package when you choose IPS for your sea freight exports. With so many advantages, IPS group is the place to go for any sea freight related shipment.

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Air freight forwarder

Another great service offered by the IPS group is of being an air freight forwarder. This means that they provide everything starting from air cargo transportation, custom clearance and even do international deliveries across a wide network. Moreover, with their fast service of being an air freight forwarder they have become one of the best and preferred names in air freight services, which makes them stand out. Furthermore, what makes them great is that they offer flexible worldwide services and work closely with several major shipping lines. IPS group also has access to all of world’s airlines with weekly allotments to make sure that there is always space for your shipments. They also provide transportation of dangerous goods, and when combined with their wide network of air freight forwarding services, they ensure all the customer needs are met in the best manner possible.

IPS Tracker

Relocation services

Alongside all the aforementioned services, IPS delivery group also provides commercial and domestic relocation services. These services are provided on fixed day weekly basis from all the major cities and operate directly, that too with the fastest time. IPS group realizes how difficult it to shift your house and thus with IPS shipping group, your experience becomes extremely smooth. These services are offered when one is moving from Ireland or when one is relocating from Ireland overseas because IPS group is mainly based in Ireland.


It is a known fact that under normal conditions, you will not be given any insurance. Thus, under the IPS standard trading Conditions, your cargo will only be covered under certain circumstances, thus it is recommended that you take the insurance service provided by the IPS group and insure their goods, to protect them from any kind of damage or occurrence.

IPS Tracking

When placing an order for a shipment, one is extremely cautious if that shipment will reach to you timely. One also wants to be updated about the order status and be updated continually about their particular shipment. For this reason, it is important to be able to track and trace your order. With IPS, you get the option to track all your shipments in an appropriate manner. In order to trace your order, you firstly need to access the IPS website, after which you have to open the track and trace tab.

Once this tab is opened, you can simply select the kind of service you have opted for. This can entail a variety of services including sea freight imports, sea freight exports and air freight. Once you have selected the kind of service you opted for, you will be required to enter the IPS tracking number. You can also enter the item ID in a separate web tracker which can also allow you to track your particular order.

Once you have tracked your order, either through the web tracker or by the website, you will get to know the order status as well as complete details of your order, making the whole tracking process way easier and convenient.

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