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Do you have a shipment with KMTC? Enter the KMTC tracking number to check the current status of your parcel.

About KMTC

When it comes to shipping in Korea, nobody does it better than KMTC. With over 50 years of experience in the logistics industry and a growing fleet of vessels, KMTC is committed to meeting the demands of its customers in every way possible.

As a company, KMTC places a premium on reliability, and one way they do this is by sticking to their schedules. Further, an entire marine helpdesk management system was created and implemented across the board to better handle the varying demands of the customer base.

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As a result of its efforts to improve the quality of its logistics services, KMTC has been recognized as a “Certified Integrated Logistics Company.” KMTC hopes to further fortify its integrated logistical capacity with its modern logistics system setup, worldwide logistics network, and half-worth centuries of acquired logistics expertise.

KMTC Tracking

Vehicle, aircraft, and shipment locations, as well as arrival timings and connecting flights, are all displayed in real-time at the Control Center in Korea thanks to the official KMTC container tracking system. KMTC’s container monitoring tool makes it easy to keep tabs on your bags in transit.

KMTC Tracking

To ensure the safe transport of expensive items, extra precautions must be taken. Extra care is taken with critically vital shipments. Both the recipient and the sender must follow any applicable local laws and regulations when accepting and delivering them.

The KMTC line tracking service gives you peace of mind that the company would take full responsibility for any misplaced packages. You can check the delivery status of your shipment or cargo with our online tracking service. Provide the AWB number for your checked luggage to track it with KMTC cargo tracking.

Entering your KMTC tracking number is all that’s required on this site. Once you do that, you’ll be able to monitor the status of your order. You may also monitor the status of your order by using the provided tracking number.

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You can also see the current location of your lost or late luggage by visiting our site and entering the corresponding shipment reference number.

KMTC Service Location

KMTC operates out of more than 16 ports in China and has offices in Busan, Incheon, Ulsan, and Daegu in Korea; more than 30 ports throughout Japan, from northernmost Hokkaido to southernmost Kyushu; and from northernmost Dalian to southernmost Hong Kong. Counting Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand alone, there are more than 22 international networks present in Southeast Asia.

Networks from around the world have been built up in more than nine ports in Northwest Asia and the Middle East. We have also purchased Ulsan Container Terminal in the port of Ulsan to facilitate our streamlined container and ship operations.


What is the KMTC line?

Korea Marine Transport Company (KMTC Line), a South Korean feeder operator, is expanding into the East African trades. Slots on the Mombasa-Far East Express (MFX) service, which is run by Evergreen Marine Corporation, X-Press Feeders, OOCL, and CMA CGM, will soon be available for purchase by KMTC Line.