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Libcap tracking has received awards on a regular basis and was appointed as Philippine Airlines’ official airfreight and cargo agency. The company’s messenger and freight forwarding branch, known as LIBCAP Super Express, received its highest honor a Gold Award.


Overview Of Libcap tracking

libcap tracking

Its owner and general manager, Mr. Jose G. Mondragon, established it as a business in 1976 by selling industrial instruments to sugar centrals. Which was then changed to LIBCAP and turned into a marketing organization. The Securities and Exchange Commission registered it as a trading and marketing corporation on April 24, 1980.

Libcap Marketing Corporation, or LMC, broadened its product line in May 1985 as a result of the decline in the sugar business and the slowdown in commerce.

LIBCAP Super Express, often known as LSE, was founded to offer its mother company and the other of the Filipino community speedier forwarding services. The other two major airlines in the nation, Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines, it has had enduring relationships.

Mission and vision:

As time goes on, LIBCAP Group values your time and productivity and consistently innovates in order to advance the corporation’s goal and offer top-quality services Like Paujin Tracking. We arranged the many LIBCAP Group entities, including LIBCAP International Philippines Corporation, LIBCAP Marketing Corporation, LIBCAP Logistics Corporation, and LIBCAP Super Express Corporation tracking via shipper copy.

Through perseverance and unwavering dedication, a great man’s vision is realized. To become a well-known firm in the Philippines that is dedicated to exceeding the high expectations of its customers via innovation, superior management, employee empowerment, and corporate citizenship.


only had three branches when it first started: Manila, which symbolizes Luzon, Alvillo, which represents Visa, and Davao, Mindanao. At least 150 motorbikes and vans are available at all times, and our organization has over 300 skilled staff who are always prepared to assist you.

Why choose LIBCAP tracking:

We handle the delivery of your packages with extreme care. There is no such thing as going too far or being too tough when it’s something that means a lot to you also means a lot to us.


We deliver your packages with extreme care, using a service with the most competitive libcap rates and quick turnaround times available.

Air and Sea Freight Forwarding Services:

LIBCAP super express tracking, is a dependable service provider for air and sea freight. The solution was created by skilled cargo professionals to simplify communication. Speed up decision-making among supply chain participants. LIBCAP International Philippines Corporation transports your goods safely to their destinations around the world.

Door to Door delivery:

We also obtain marketable assets and packages from customers, and we timely deliver your packages as you were only a few doors away.

Other Services:

If you need to send packages and documents locally, libcap can help. It might be letters, invites, reports, account statements, parcels, etc. Call us at the libcap contact number, and we will deliver!



A full-service supply chain management firm, International Philippines Corporation is prepared to offer transportation, storage, freight forwarding, and project management services for loads weighing 1 kg to 100 tonnes at the doorsteps of your dear ones or on an entrance basis.


Your LIBCAP tracking number can be followed. Enter the LIBCAP Waybilsl number in our real-time tracker system to obtain updates on your shipment online.