LSO Tracking | Lone Star Overnight Shipping Status

Do you want to find out about your LSO shipment? Enter the LSO tracking number to see the current status of your shipment.

About Lone Star Overnight

Since 1991, the South has been served by the Texas-based airline Lone Star Overnight (LSO). In the southern part of the United States, Lone Star Overnight is the leading regional package carrier and handles everything from overnight delivery to ground shipments. They provide dependable land and air delivery options for overnight deliveries. On-time delivery is assured, or you get your money back.

Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, and southeastern New Mexico are all served by LSO’s delivery service. On March 4, 1991, Lone Star Overnight launched its operations with 28 employees and 7 deliveries. After two years, the crew was successful, and the company was profitable.

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2019 saw the inauguration of the worldwide shipping business LSO Global. Through a relationship with DHL OptimalShip, a DHL Express reseller, the service enables LSO shippers to schedule DHL Express shipments through LSO rather than having to do it individually.

The leadership team at LSO is trying to establish the company as the top logistics supplier in the South. The LSO shipping is their main focus right now. They have expanded their company by offering their clients top-notch knowledge, service, and price.

LSO Tracking

Using the tracking ID or reference number, you may check the status of your Lone Star Overnight deliveries using the LSO Package Tracker.

Eight characters, either digits or alphabet, make up most reference numbers. This code will either be sent to you through email or written on the invoice. You received the receipt when the branch picked up your goods. There might also be other common formats.

LSO Tracking

The easiest approach to track your order is to input the LSO tracking number into our tracking website, The receipt provided after scheduling a courier contains the LSO Shipping tracking number.

After providing the necessary information, press the track button to be taken to the LSO Shipping tracking website, where you can view the shipment’s status and position. When tracking more than one LSO Shipping, separate the tracking numbers with a comma (Up to 25 shipments).

For future, real-time updates on your LSO Shipping, return to this page. Please get in touch with the official LSO Shipping customer support if you need assistance.

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LSO Customer Service

You can visit LSO customer support system any time from their official website. They provide you option to contact them through their contact number or send them an email at the given email address.

Telephone Number: 800-800-8984
Contact E-mail ID: [email protected]
Helping Hours: M-F 7:30am – 7:30pm CST and Sat 10am – 1pm CST


What if I can’t track or check my order status?

If the LSO Package Tracker is unable to provide an update about your package within 90 days of the scheduled delivery period, LSO will reimburse the cost of your shipment.

Can I track a Lone Star Overnight package without a tracking number?

Without your tracking information, you are unable to trace an LSO package. Upon delivery confirmation, an email with a tracking number will be issued to you. Then, you may utilize the Package Tracker on to see every step of your box delivery, from pickup to the actual position of your package.