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Metropolitan Warehouse

In today’s times, companies that specialize in warehousing and delivery facilities are gaining hype in an unprecedented manner. This is for several reasons including the convenience and ease they provide to their consumers simply within the comfort and confines of their homes. Within a few taps, their order gets placed which is to be delivered without any hassle. One such company specializing in particularly warehousing and delivery is the metropolitan warehouse company which has 39 facilities placed all across the US cities to serve their consumers in a more efficient way. Alongside this, they also customize warehousing solutions and delivery management tools, to make sure one’s needs are exactly suited.

Furthermore, metropolitan warehouse and delivery is also a leading provider of white gloves to several e-commerce retailers, furniture vendors and manufacturers. They not only provide warehouses in all sizes and purposes, but also ensure that real time warehouse monitoring is done, thus providing you lesser hassle to deal with. With so much dedication to their customers, exceptional technology and services and a 30-years’ experience, Metropolitan warehouse and delivery is the place to go when you need any work done or any shipment delivered.

Metropolitan Tracking


Metropolitan warehouse and delivery have become a huge name today because of these services that is offers. These services are exceptional in their quality and include:

Premium White Glove

Metropolitans premium service provides a flawless delivery experience. This means that from the time you placed the order to the moment the order reaches your doorstep, you will have to face no difficulty. This service pack includes pre-inspection of all the products being sent, re-packaging of the product into brand packaging for a brand identity. It also includes blanket wrap services for products which require assembly as well as unpacking at the consumer’s home. With the choice of so many services available, premium white glove option is the way to go when choosing a service.

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White Glove Standard

White glove transit is another service offered by metropolitan warehouse and delivery. This offer is for when you need product inspections only to be done at the time of delivery, which eventually means quicker transits to your customer. For this service level there are several benefits one gets which includes getting appointment scheduling, proper unpacking at consumers place, furniture placement done by the team. They also offer up to 20 minutes of onsite assembly of furniture and removal of any kind of debris which might be there. With all the aforementioned services, white glove standard is a great service option for individuals who want work to be done efficiently.


For products which don’t require a lot of assembly work, threshold option is the way to go. This option also works for products which don’t require unpacking, assembly work or pre-inspection. Threshold service does not provide a lot of options however there is the option for delivery to first dry area inside home. One also needs to take appointment with no unpacking. Like all other service options, signature is again a mandatory for this service as well.

DS (Door Step)

Door step deliveries are also a great service option that one can opt for. One chooses door step delivery when the consumer does not need to be home at the time delivery is made. In this package, services provided include delivery outside door only with no appointment scheduling required. However, there is a restriction on the weight of shipment which is to limited at 150 lbs. Furthermore, no signature is required for this delivery. 

B2B (Business to Business)

Business to business delivery is an option for deliveries specially for businesses. In this category, you can get delivery done with a dock and no appointment scheduling is necessary. This service is available within 100 miles of metro hubs and is applicable to shipments under 300 cubes.

With so many service options available, there is surely something for every consumer out there which is what makes Metropolitan warehouse and delivery stand out. They have been serving the furniture industry since 1989 and are thus excellent with their services. Alongside this, they ensure that large scale and bulky items also get delivered flawlessly with top-notch tech available for any assistance.

Metropolitan tracking

When delivering products or getting something delivered, one is always a little bit skeptical about where the order might be currently or if it has reached its destination as of yet. In cases like that, one needs to ensure that the user has full access and transparency to order details and order status. For that exact purpose, tracking services have been highly popular. Similarly, the tracking service offered by metropolitan warehouse and delivery is highly efficient as well as being easily accessible.

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In order to open the metropolitan courier tracking services, one can access the tracking window from the main page and enter the order tracking number to track the order. This order tracking number is provided at the time of making the delivery order. Metropolitan warehouse tracking is an insanely easy option to choose for when you need to ensure any discrepancy about your order.

To understand this better, once you enter the tracking number you will be provided metropolitan shipping information, order status, service type, transit history and the exact weight and dimensions of the product offered. With so much information available right on your fingertips, there is absolutely no question about why metropolitan is the way to go for all kinds of furniture delivery that you might want to make.

Contact details

In case of any difficulty in placing the order, you can contact the following office or their support line for any details.

Corporate Office:

960 High Street,

Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

Support Line: +1 (800) 300-7417