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Do you want to know about your OOCL shipment? Enter your OOCL tracking number to find your order status.

About OOCL

Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL), a global logistics and container transportation firm, is based in Hong Kong. The company operates in over 70 countries and has 59 vessels of various sizes.

The largest globally integrated container transportation, terminal, and logistics company in the world is OOCL. OOCL offers customers completely integrated logistics as well as container – based transportation services across Asia, America, Europe, Australia, and Africa as one of Hong Kong’s best known international companies.

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The business enjoys a solid reputation in the sector for offering customer-focused services, a quality-through-excellence philosophy, and ongoing innovation. OOCL is a leader in the information technology sector and developed transportation connectivity of China.

OOCL Logistics is a premier provider of cutting-edge supply-chain and logistics services and solutions with a vast global network of about 100 locations in 32 nations.

OOCL Tracking

The business offers the OOCL racking service to its customers. Once the OOCL sends your container, you can use this service to follow it. So, until it arrives at your door, you can constantly monitor your item.

OOCL Tracking

Via their official website, users can utilize OOCL’s container tracking system. OOCL Container Number, please. Do not include any other letters or spaces. You will be taken to the tracking page on www.oocl.com after clicking the “Track” option. With form restructuring, this page only generates a link when information is required.

It is possible to receive end-to-end insight on the progress of your cargo travelling in OOCL containers thanks to the container tracking tool for OOCL’s shipments.

The 1trackings.com’s tracking service has made OOCL cargo tracking more practical. The OOCL container number, a distinctive number inscribed on the exterior of the container, can be used to track any container or cargo. This serves as a guide for locating and following OOCL containers.

To check the status of a shipment, the anticipated delivery date, and any other delivery notifications, enter the OOCL container tracking number. At any point before, during, or after delivery, you can see the progress of your cargo, logistics, or shipment.

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The loading code on the master bill can be used to trace the container you ordered from OOCL as it is being shipped to its destination. Also, you may call it an order id. Check the order details right now.

OOCL Customer Service

OOCL provides incredible customer service and is knows as most professional among its sectors. Customers of OOCL can contact the company anytime and ask question about the any doubt they have.

Their contact number is given below:

Telephone Number: (91) 22 66511100

Headquarters: Orient Overseas Container Line Limited, 31/F, Harbour Centre 25 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


How to track OOCL, Orient Overseas Container Line Shipments?

By using the Bill of Lading and Container number, you may track Orient Overseas Container Line goods. Visit our website 1trackings.com and input the tracking number if you want to see the progress of your package.

What is the format of tracking number?

A mixture of 11 alphabetical and numeric characters make up the most typical tracking number (Container No), which is typically printed on the body of containers or in emails.