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Do you have a shipment with Posstore? Enter the Posstore tracking number to see the order details.

About Posstore Express

Posstore, an expedited delivery service that specializes in last-mile delivery, was founded in December 2020. By the middle of 2021, Posstore had over 1000 locations throughout Malaysia, making it one of the biggest courier service companies in the country. They have also made their debut in Singapore and numerous other Southeast Asian nations.

With its roots in Malaysia, they are rapidly creating Southeast Asia’s distinctive age, which is the primary driver of global growth. The last-mile delivery service with the most customers in Malaysia is Posstore, which has expanded. Posstore offers domestic transportation from Malaysia to Singapore as well as domestic delivery services for regular packages, live fish, and fresh produce.

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The business is renowned for its top-notch customer service, and like in other industries, Posstore excelled at delivering orders. The company delivers packages on time and takes extra care with each order to ensure that consumers receive them in the best possible way.

Posstore Tracking

On their official website, there has been made available a pos store tracking feature. Because tracking is a means via which customers can check on their orders.

The Posstore tracking procedure is simple and useful. Simply enter your pos store tracking┬ánumber in the textbox provided on their website to get started. The company’s official confirmation email makes it simple to access the reference number. Posstore express will provide you with timely information regarding your package.

Posstore Tracking

Using our website, you can also find out the progress of your Posstore order. An excellent option to our website’s simple tracking tool for tracking your package. Your tracking number is necessary for tracking.

Every customer receives a Pos store tracking number so they can monitor their packages and find out where they are in the delivery process. Customers can find out the dates and times that their product was in various locations, from the warehouse through delivery, by inputting the tracking number.

To get details of your Posstore Malaysia package, enter your tracking number in the space provided and click the “Track” button. We will immediately obtain the necessary data from the other carriers if your cargo was handled by any other carriers besides Posstore Malaysia.

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Posstore Customer Service

You can know your order status by contacting the company. You can get in touch with their customer service number through the phone number provided below. The team will tell you all the necessary information.

Posstore Customer Service Number: 017- 8589885

Headquarters Address: No.27, Jalan Simfoni 1, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.


How does a Posstore Malaysia tracking number look?

A tracking number may consist of of digits, such as 12 or 15 digits in a row. Some carriers use a particular format for tracking numbers, such as different letter and number combinations.

How do I contact Posstore?

You can send an email to [email protected] for questions if you want to get in touch with the Posstore courier company or if there is an issue with one of your posstore packages. Your queries will all be addressed by the group.