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Do you have a shipment with Reddaway? Enter your Reddaway tracking number to find out your order status.

About Reddaway

Since its founding in 1919, Reddaway has offered coverage of the western region. Reddaway started as a major service company in the Pacific Northwest and has since expanded to include the entire western US.

Yellow Group, an investment company for logistics and transportation with activities in British Columbia, Hawaii, the Western United States, and Alaska, is the company’s owner.

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Reddaway has developed an industry-leading next-day tradition. The reason it is the greatest company is that to its straightforward and efficient next-day service, which is available throughout western America and even farther beyond. They deliver across Alaska and Canada as well, making them a highly sought-after business even outside of boundaries.

This business stands apart for several reasons. The most important thing, though, is to provide the finest shipping and delivery experience possible so that customers will always choose Reddaway when placing their orders. This business is the greatest because of its first-rate service and prompt orders.

Reddaway Tracking

When shipping with Reddaway, there are many numbers you can use to trace your order. This applies to placing an order using a Pro number, a Reddaway tracking number, or a Booking number. Once you’ve chosen the number you want to track, all you have to do is go to the track tab on the Reddaway webpage and select the chosen number.

Reddaway Tracking

The usf Reddaway tracking procedure will assist you in obtaining the order specifics, the anticipated delivery date, and the order status, greatly streamlining and facilitating the delivery process overall.

Use the Reddaway tracking number to acquire information from Reddaway parcel shipping and get Reddaway freight tracking information. Enter the USF freight tracking number to monitor USF Reddaway parcel delivery online with

Along with that, one can keep records of all the Reddaway trucking using the track tab, which also includes their shipping history, current shipments, and previous shipments. Additionally, you can input several tracking numbers when inputting the tracking number, making it simple to follow many packages.

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Reddaway Customer Service

If you want to contact Reddaway, you can call them at their phone number that you can see on their official website. Otherwise, if you want to send them an email then their email address is also given, anyone can send them an email anytime, and they will respond within 24 hours.

The information is as follows:

Telephone Number: (616) 395-5000
Contact Email: [email protected]

FAX Number: 503-885-5687
Corporate Office Address: Yellow Corporation (Reddaway Regional – Reddaway Truck line ), 11937 Regentview Ave, Downey, CA 90241, United States.


What is the format of the Reddaway tracking number?

The most typical tracking number is 11 digits long where the last digit is a check digit. You receive the number through email, or it appears on the receipt. When your package was picked up by the franchise, you were handed the receipt. There could be additional typical formats as well.

How to Track a Reddaway shipment?

To track and trace your delivery status online with, enter your Reddaway shipment pro number or pickup number in our tracking system.