RGS Logistics Tracking | Express Delivery Process

RGS  logistics inc is one of the newest but rapidly growing online courier shipping and tracking companies that was introduced back in 2018. In the last 4 years, the progress they made was outstanding – Spreading the business from Pakistan to almost all over the world in just a few years is a commendable effort. In this article, we will talk about RGS logistics and let you know how you can avail of the services if you live in the Middle East.

Operational Countries- RGS Logistics

rgs logistics


RGS Tracking INC. is functioning all over the world. But every tracking company has a few focused countries from where most of the business comes from. Similarly, RGS also have focused on middle east countries which are listed below

  • UAE
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • Saudi Arabia

According to some reports, almost 98% of business comes from KSA, UAE, Oman, and Kuwait. It indicates that the company is targeting overseas Pakistanis who are living away from their family.

Services of RGS Logistics Company

The primary services that the RGS tracking company provides are related to the shipping and tracking of couriers and parcels. Noticeable services are as follows


  • COD – Cash on Delivery

There are literally no companies operating worldwide that provide cash-on-delivery services to clients. RGS is happy to provide COD payment methods not only in Pakistan and all over the world. It means you will have to pay when you receive your courier and parcel from the agent. Providing COD internationally shows that the company is making efforts to make the transfer of logistics, couriers, and parcels easier than ever before.


  • Worldwide Express Services

Sending and receiving goods, couriers, parcels, gifts, and any other logistics has been made quite feasible through worldwide express services. The company has a team that takes your courier in hand, and ships it to the destination. In fact, if you’re busy then a worker of the RGS company will pick up the product from your home.

  • Bulk shipments

Are you running an e-commerce business and need a logistics company to ship your bulk orders to your clients? If yes, the company offers bulk shipment services to the whole globe at optimal cost. Your logistics will reach the destination quickly and safely.

rgs logistics tracking

  •  Warehouse Fulfillment

RGS Tracking company is also serving the client through warehouse fulfillment. The client can send their products to the warehouse of the company and leave it to the RGS logistics inc team to fulfill and ship the parcel.


Delivery Timing- RGS Logistics

The most distinctive feature of RGS tracking is the delivery timing. We have seen many companies that ship the products in 2 to 3 weeks. In contrast, RGS inc is shipping the products in just 3 to 7 working days. The delivery charges are also very low as compared to other shipping and tracking companies.


Headquarters, Branches, and Contact

The RGS logistics tracking is based in Pakistan and its headquarter is located in the city of lights, Karachi. As far as the branches are concerned, you will see them in almost all the Middle East countries. It will be no mistake to say that UAE is the second house of RGS as the first one in Pakistan.


Address of Headquarters

The address of the head office and contact details are given as follows

Contact: 021-34388-747

Email address:  [email protected]

Address: RGS Villa C-22, Mohammad Ali Society, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

If you have any questions or are facing any problems while using the service of RGS tracking, feel free to contact the customer support team through the above-mentioned contact details.


Branches of RGS Tracking Company

Following are some famous branches where customers can visit to get more information from the experts. You will also be provided with the rates of parcel shipments from the official help desk

  • RGS Oman
  • RGS Lahore
  • RGS Kuwait
  • RGS tracking Saudi Arabia



RGS logistics is one the fastest growing logistics shipping company that is serving both local as well as international customers through swift and reliable services. The company provides the tracking ID that helps you to know the exact delivery status of your shipments. In fact, you can use our website to track the current status by putting the tracking ID in the above bar.