Rokomari Order Tracking

It is another online shopping store that offers home delivery of purchased products. With Rokomari, you can sit down, use credit cards to buy products at reasonable prices, and have your stuff delivered right to your home. The services are exclusively available in Bangladesh. Let’s dive deeper and know more about Rokomari Order Tracking Online company like Sundarban Courier Tracking.


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rokomari order tracking

The shop that started in a small city has spread and is being used nationwide. The expansion of business has prevailed. The Rokomari order tracking company saw its boom in recent COVID-19 when people were not comfortable visiting the malls.

No matter whether you’re living in a small city or village, your shipments will reach you on time. The company has partnerships with many logistics carriers all over Bangladesh to ensure the timely delivery of orders in every region. Rokomari has become a brand now, operating in almost all the states and districts.

Rokomari Tracking Journey

Back in 2012, founder Mr. Shohag came up with the idea of opening a shop to sell books. Initially, the growth was very slow. After spending on marketing, people started acknowledging the value and efforts of Rokomari in selling and providing books that were not available on any other bookstall.

With time, people showed their interest. Especially students who were not able to go to another city to buy books used the Rokomari book shop to buy all the books. As soon as the shop started getting attention, the owner introduced the home delivery and shipping system for sending books to those people who were living in underdeveloped cities of Bangladesh.

Today, the small shop has become a famous book marketplace where people order books from their homes. The companies have signed contracts with logistics carriers who help in shipping the books to customers.

Apart from books, the company has started selling other products like electronics, stationery, and other gift products. According to reports, it is expected that the Rokomari order tracking company will become one of the best online shopping platforms in Bangladesh in the upcoming years.

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Rokomari Logistics Carriers

The Rokomari tracking company has become famous and accepts orders from all over Bangladesh. To meet the shipping requirement and deadlines, the company has signed contracts with many cargo carriers. Sundarban courier service is one famous logistics carrier of Rokomari’s online shopping and tracking platform.


COD-Cash on Delivery – Rokomari tracking

For the first time in Bangladesh, Rokomari introduced a cash-on-delivery payment method. Customers won’t have to pay in advance. In fact, the team will ship the product to your doorstep and receive payment from you.

How to cancel Rokomari’s order?

If a customer places an order unintentionally or mistakenly, the company lets them cancel it. The customer support team is accessible 24/7 for this reason. by getting in touch with customer service, the cancellation of orders can be done smoothly.

Rokomari delivery time

The delivery time varies with location. Most of their shipments reach their destination in just 4 to 7 working days. Moreover, delivery time depends on the logistics carriers. From Rokomari, the order gets immediately dispatched. More than 12 lacs books are available in inventory. Almost 150 plus employees are making efforts in dispatching the books to customers.


The Rokomari order tracking company is a blessing for those who are away from big book depots. When you place an order on Rokomari’s website, they provide you with a tracking ID to check the status of your delivery. You can use our website to check the delivery status of your orders.