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Working for the last 50 years, the Rosenau Tracking company has established itself as a lone brand in Western Canada. President Ken Rosenau believes in the right person for the right job which leads to systematic pathways for the delivery of parcels in Canada and North America. The company has a complete code that follows the rules and regulations of government authorities for the completion of an order. In this guide, we will provide you with an in-depth guide about the Rosenau company.


Area of Coverage

The Rosenau transport & tracking company is based in Canada. From day one, their focus has been to ease the lives of people living in Western Canada and North America. They never seem to be expanding their business. Their focus and target on specific regions have made them a brand and everyone living in Canada knows their name.

The regions in Canada where the company operates include Brandon, Brooks, Calgary, Regina, Edmonton, Dawson Creek, Fort McMurray, Chetwynd, Saskatoon, Kamloops, Manning, Vancouver, Kelowna, Prince George, Winnipeg, Fort Nelson, Fort St. John, Fox Creek, Williams Lake, and Grande Prairie. Moreover, feel free to contact officials if you want your shipments to be shipped to the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, or Manitoba.

The company also has contracts with industry-leading asset-based carriers to ship packages, couriers, and parcels in North America. One thing which is important to mention is that the company follows the laws of both Canada and America.


Warehouse for order fulfillment | Rosenau logistics tracking

The Rosenau logistics tracking company has a warehouse for order fulfillment. Acropolis Warehousing Inc is backed by Resenau company and has been operating since 1993. Customers can utilize the warehouse for the storage of their stocks or packaging and shipping of important packages.


Pick and Drop service

The company has launched a door-to-door pick-and-drop service. The customers won’t have to visit the terminals. In fact, the worker will visit the customers to pick up the parcels for shipping. Similarly, dropping off packages at doorsteps has been introduced in Western Canada


Road Safety of Parcels and shipments

The security of shipments is the first thing that comes to mind. The company uses vehicles, especially trucks for the delivery of packages. The drivers are well trained and trustworthy to avoid any unwanted situations. Road accident awareness is the priority when a new driver is added to the team. The dashcams have been installed on all the trucks to keep a check on drivers. The authorities are taking all the possible steps to avoid accidents and make sure that the parcels reach their destination quickly.


Part of Charity Organizations

The Rosenau company is part of many charity organizations. A small amount of the profits generated from the sales of logistics shipping are donated to charitable organizations that provide aid to the poor. There are two organizations that work under the supervision of Rosenau logistics tracking company.


Career opportunity

The company is looking to expand its business. For this purpose, new enthusiastic workers are needed. All those individuals who are jobless and looking to get high-paying jobs can apply through the official website.

Benefits of using  Rosenau tracking

  • Provides real-time information to customers about their shipments and how long it will take for them to reach their destination.
  • Allows customers to better plan and coordinate their logistics operation.
  • Provides historical data analysis
  • Route planning
  • Driver performance monitoring

Head Office and Contact Details of Rosenau Tracking INC.

The headquarters of the Rosenau company is located in Edmonton which is the capital city of Alberta Province of Canada. If you’re from Edmonton, then you can visit the official office. Following is the exact address of the head office


3300 76 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T6P 1J4

If you’re not from Edmonton and living in any other part of Canada, then contact the officials through the following contact details

Phone: 1-800-465-9659

Email Address: [email protected]


The Western Canada branches listed below are available to serve the public during business hours.

  • Rosenau saskatoon
  • Rosenau fort st john
  • Rosenau Prince George
  • Rosenau transport regina
  • Rosenau dispatch Calgary
  • Rosenau Edmonton dispatch



The Rosenau tracking and transportation company is a leading brand in Western Canada and North America. The timely delivery of shipments at a low cost is what makes them an ideal choice. You can check the delivery status of your logistics through our website. Simply put the tracking ID in the above search bar and know the current delivery status.