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Sealand Maersk

There are several companies slowly emerging in the world that have shocked people with their dedication towards their employees and their great services. Amongst such companies is also the Sealand which is also a Maersk company. This is one of the few companies that are making shipping easier and combine the in-depth local knowledge of products and shipping with the industrial expertise and make delivering and shipping goods an experience that encourages one to reach out to them again.

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Sealand believes it is important to make shipping to be more straightforward, which is why they have accurate logistic teams that have proper know-how and digital tools as well as proactive teams which provide support when one needs. These logistic teams as well as their efficient teams make sure to make your shipping a smooth experience, thus making the whole process memorable and quick.

Sealand Tracking

Alongside this, we also have some core values which make us stand out from our competitors. These include being a sustainable business, making sure that green shipping is possible and thus reducing the carbon footprint. Also, they make sure to make constant care a priority for their customers which means proper planning and execution in every point of their business.

The humbleness of Sealand is another feature which means showing trust in not only their customers, but also their own employees and helping them feel empowered. Last but not the least, uprightness is another core value that Sealand stands up which makes sure that they are accountable for their actions and open about whatever they do, which is what makes them great.

Ocean transport

Sealand provides local and personalized support for all your ocean shipments which ensures that your shipments reach their desired destination in just the form they were sent, without any damage. With their extensive global network across three continents which connects sailings all across the globe, Sealand ensures that you have just the necessary coverage you need.

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That being said, they provide care with dry cargo materials including paper and grains while also delivering refrigerated cargo. They also have special care shipments and dangerous cargo facilities within the ocean cargo. All of these categories are catered to in their own way. For example, for refrigerated cargo the products are at a particular temperature while for dangerous cargo special protocols for delivery are followed. With ensuring all the conditions are met, Sealand delivers ocean shipment with efficiency and utmost care.

Inland transport

The inland services offered by Sealand are of various types which includes services like trucks, which deliver flexible point to point services and can carry small loads of products across long geographic distances, even in areas that are difficult to reach. They also have the option to do inland delivery through rail which has a freight option. With rail, one gets a lot of versatility and carrying capacity as well as speed, which makes it a great inland delivery option.

They also have the option to do delivery through a barge. With inland deliveries, what’s so great is that the product will reach your desired doorstep within no time and have a single point of contact with global expertise, which is what makes this kind of transport a great option to choose from. Alongside this, in this kind of transport service you can get constant updates about your shipment, while also being completely flexible to any of your last-minute changes, thus making it all the more accessible to people.

Supply chain services

If the aforementioned services were not enough to blow your mind, they also have supply chain service which are essentially there to make your job easier from the very beginning to the end. These services include Sealand booking services which make sure your shipment consignments and vendor duties are all fulfilled.

Furthermore, they also have customs house brokerage and cold chain logistic services to make your job easier and ensure the supply chain runs smoothly, without any hassle. For this, they also have warehousing services to make sure your shipment gets delivered to a protected address. Sealand container tracking is used by Shipup allows you to track & trace Sealand containers with just in a minute.

Digital solutions

Last but not the least, the digital solutions offered by Sealand make sure that any type of complexity hat may exist is out of the picture because you can set your own shipments and manage them accordingly on the website and mobile application. This is done by Sealand spot, which is a simple way to book online cargo. Then there is also the use of trade lens and my finance to help n your decision-making process, making sure your job gets done easily.

With so many services to make your shipping procedure easier, there is something for everyone at Sealand which is essentially what makes it great, and thus the choice to go for when ordering or shipping a consignment.

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Sealand Tracking

Alongside all the aforementioned services, Tracking Sealand also provides highly easy to access tracking services which let you know about your order status and all the required details in no time. With the tracking made so much easier, Sealand ensures that the users don’t have a tough time. In order to access the tracking tab and get the details, you simply need to open the tab for tracking and then enter your container number.

This container number will be provided to you at the time of placing the shipment. One can also add the transport document number. It is important to remember that the container number will be 4 letters and 7 digits long, while the transport document number will only consist of 9 characters. Once you enter these numbers and press search, you will get all the necessary tracking information right on your fingertips which will enable you to trace your order.

Contact In order to contact us at Sealand you can simply access us at our local office for your region. We can also be contacted at +1 (800) 321 8807 while the queries will be addressed to [email protected]