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Sendex tracking is a powerful tool that helps businesses keep tabs on their shipments. Sendex offers to track your campaign’s progress, ensure accuracy, and measure success.  The users can track their Courier, Transport Cargo, and all shipment-related details in one place

Track your package: Sendex Tracking

Customers can track their delivery package or shipment details by using the following steps:

  • To track the package, simply enter the Sendex Waybill Tracking number ( which can be found on your shipping label or receipt) and press the “Track” button.
  • Once the user entered the tracking number, he will be able to see the current status of the shipment, as well as any previous tracking information that is available. 
  • If a package is still in transit, sendex customers will also be able to see an estimated delivery date.
  • In addition, users can also sign up for email or text alerts to receive updates on their package status.


Services provided by Sendex Tracking:

In addition to tracking, Senddex also offers a number of other features and services to help businesses with their shipping needs.

These include:

  • Customized shipping
  • Labels and packaging tracking
  • Integration with popular eCommerce platforms
  • A variety of shipping options
  • Personalized customer service
  • Detailed tracking and reporting
  • Customer service for assistance
  • Automated shipping notifications
  • Inventory Tracking services
  • Asset Tracking services
  • Transport Cargo Tracking
  • A wide range of carrier options
  • Billing and Accounts Management
  • A dedicated customer support team


How to find the nearest Sendex location?

To find the nearest location, simply enter the address or ZIP code into the search bar. You will then be given a list of locations within a certain radius, along with their respective addresses and hours of operation. Once you’ve found a suitable location, simply take your mail to the counter or dropbox and it will be on its way.

If you find it difficult or are unable to get your package contact sendex support immediately

Sendex Customer Service:

Email at [email protected]

Specifications of using Sendex tracking:

Sendex offers a number of features to help businesses with their shipping needs. These benefits include:

  • Customers can avoid the hassle of lost or stolen packages
  • Users receive real-time updates on the status of their delivery
  • Timely and accurate tracking information based on the weight and dimensions of a package
  • Discounted shipping rates for international users from major carriers
  • Minimize the need for manual tracking
  • Easier Returns Management
  • Greater Visibility
  • Provides peace of mind to customers.
  • Provides a high level of customer service, with representatives available 24/7