Shalom cargo tracking company has been operating in Peru for the last 20 years. The founder has focused on expanding—agencies worldwide are the proof of it. There have been some flaws that hit the company badly. In this guide, we will drill down and let you know about all the ins and outs of Shalom tracking


Areas of Coverage-Shalom Tracking

The company was started as a small startup. The initial growth spurs the higher authorities to expand the business to the whole country. With the expansion, the company did see many drawbacks. One of the major issues faced by the company was returns done with from customers.

The company is shipping logistics all over Peru, a country in South America. The total number of agencies operating in the whole country is 120. More than 30 Shalom agencies are working only in Lima – the largest and the capital of Peru.

The vehicles are departed on the daily basis, ensuring that no packages fail to reach the destination after the due date. The company owns trucks, buses, and motorcycles that ship the logistics from one city to another.


Mode of Working

Shalom tracking has three methods through which all the deliveries get processed and delivered. Those methods are as follows

  • Agency-to-agency Service
  • Shalom institutions’ Service
  • Exclusive Truck Service


When providing an agency-to-agency service, the corporate transports the logistics from one shalom agency to another agency operating in a different city. Once the shipping from one agency to another completes, then the team starts doing pick and drop service.

In Shalom institutions service, the company focuses on shipping the parcels and packages to institutions. Whereas special trucks and buses are allocated for exclusive truck services. The charges for all three types of shipping vary.

  • Safety of shipments

Shalom courier tracking has contracts with many other cargo and logistics companies operating in Peru to ship from one place to another. But the loading of logistics is done through the team of Shalom. It is guaranteed that no product will be damaged or stolen during the shipping process. In case you find your product broken, contact the company’s officials to get a refund.

  • Pick & Drop Service

The customers won’t have to worry about putting their logistics at the branch of the office of Shalom tracking company. In fact, the experienced team will come to your doorstep to pick up and drop off your products. All you have to do is to call the company’s official and book your number for home delivery of your packages.


Guideline For Shalom Courier Tracking

The company faces many issues like returns and not accepting parcel and information being misused. Although the administration has taken steps to avoid any unnecessary conditions. But still, it is important to guide you that don’t share your personal information on the official website as well as with any other individual who claims to be part of the Shalom Peru tracking company.


Contact Details of Shalom

The head office of the company is located in the capital city of Peru – Lima. In case you face any problem while using the services of Shalom transport company then feel free to contact following number and email

Phone: (01)500 7878

Email: [email protected]


Shalom tracking corporation is a reliable option for people living in Peru. The packages usually reach the destination in just 2 to 3 working days. There is no other tracking company that provides such a fast turnaround time. If you use the service, make sure to check the status of your shipments through our website.