SpeeDee Tracking | Check Delivery Status

Do you have a shipment with SpeeDee? Enter the SpeeDee tracking number to check the current status of your parcel/shipment.

About SpeeDee

Don started Spee-Dee as an on-demand delivery service utilizing his pickup truck to transport products to area businesses. Don Weeres, a middle-aged farm kid with big dreams, started the company in 1978. The original idea of Spee-dee was to create a more affordable and convenient overnight delivery service.

Spee-Dee has more than 12,000 carriers with different service locations across nine states. Over 70,000 of their most precious parcels are entrusted to us every day by their grateful consumers. We started as a small family business, but now we employ 1,800 people and use more than 1,300 vehicles to do daily package deliveries.

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For local shipments, Spee-Dee often offers lower rates than its rivals. Since there aren’t a lot of extra charges, our customers save money. For the best cargo, use Speedee, which now offers a wider range of services, including LTL, warehousing, and more.

SpeeDee Tracking

Spee-Dee Ship Software streamlines package processing, provides detailed shipping reports, and more for our customers. The program can print labels, monitor shipment size, and expenses, and save relevant transport information.

Speedee Tracking

That company is famous in the logistics market as a major shipping provider. A unique spee-dee tracking number will be assigned to your express shipment so that you can monitor its progress at any time. You can get a tracking number through the shop’s website or app.

Viewing a Spee-Dee -shipped order in your account will reveal either the tracking number or a button/link that activates 1trackings.com for tracking Spee-dee international goods.

Enter your speedee tracking number and hit the “Track” button to view your package’s whereabouts on its journey.

You can check the location of your travel shipment or consignment in less than 2 minutes. Type in the tracking number for your package here. Tracking information from your Spee-Dee e-receipt can be typed in the space provided.

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You can still use the tracking number even if you haven’t received an electronic confirmation of delivery. To check the status of your SpeeDee delivery, you can use this.

SpeeDee Service Location

Spee-Dee specializes in ground delivery throughout the Midwest. Spee-Dee, as a regional carrier, can offer our customers a large next-day footprint. There are nine different states that the SpeeDee Delivery map serves. We ship to every single address in the states of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, as well as to some addresses in the states of Michigan, Missouri, and Nebraska.

SpeeDee Customer Care

SpeeDee customer service takes great pleasure in the level of service it provides to its customers. That’s why we answer the phone personally, not like a robot. We welcome your questions and comments, which you can submit via phone or the form below.

Physical Address: 4101 Clearwater Road St. Cloud, MN 56301

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1417 St. Cloud, MN 56302

Phone: 320-251-6697

Toll-Free: 800-862-5578

Fax: 320-251-1846

LTL Fax: 320-240-7995


Does Spee-Dee have tracking?

You are permitted by SPEE-DEE to use SPEE-DEE tracking systems only to track shipments submitted by or for you to SPEE-DEE for delivery. Spee-Dee Ship Software streamlines package processing, provides detailed shipping reports, and more for our customers.

How long does Spee-Dee shipping take?

You can choose between 9 and 12 items per cooler to determine your Spee-Dee Shipping price. Typically, shipping will take between one and two days. The white areas normally receive their orders the following business day, whereas the blue areas need two business d