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With Sundarban Courier tracking Service (Pvt) Ltd, tracking of precious couriers and parcels has become efficient and practical. No matter where you’re and where you want your luggage to be shipped, you will have all the control over the shipments. From delivery status to protection of your parcel, each and everything is securely done through the team of Sundarban courier tracking company. More importantly, the parcel will reach its destination very quickly which will save you time. In this article, we’re going to discuss everything about Sundarban tracking and how you can check the status of your goods and parcels.


Introduction of Sundarban Courier company

The company has been functional since 1983. Chairman Imamul Kabir Shanto has put serious effort to make sure that the whole of Bangladesh remains connected through his parcel tracking company. Initially, there was no such firm that could facilitate the nation. In those days, when the facilities were not up to the mark, the founder put one step forward and provided the nation with a company that helps them send their parcels, courier, documents, and other valued products to their loved ones from one city to another.

After the success of the Sundarban courier service tracking corporation, many other businessmen tried to replicate the success of the Sundarban group and launched their own companies. It was the exceptional development skills of Imamul Kabir Shanto that led the way to success in those early days of Bangladesh’s emergence on the world’s map as an independent country.


Services of Sundarban Courier Tracking

The company initially used to ship small parcels: but time has changed and the company has spread its services in different ways. Following are the services that users are getting benefits from.

  • Courier Service
  • Parcel Service
  • Gifts of Value Declared
  • E-com services
  • Credit Service
  • International Services

The Sundarban group has grown and more tracking facilities are being added every now and then. Let’s dive deeper and know more about Sundarban courier services.


●    Courier Service of Sundarban

From one part of Bangladesh to another, you can now send your previous couriers without being worried about security and protection. The company has a completely professional team to make sure that the courier reaches the destination quickly without getting damaged or delayed.

●    Parcel Shipment Services

Are you looking for a reliable option to send your parcel to any other city in Bangladesh? If yes, Sundanban has got your base covered. The worker will pick up the parcel and ship it to its destination with the guarantee of their safety. Gifts of Value Declared

Another useful service that people can get from Sundarban courier and parcel tracking company is that they can send gifts to their loved ones on special occasions. One thing that must be kept in mind while sending gifts is that always declare the value of the gifts. Those parcels or gifts that don’t declare their value are not shipped by the company.

●    E-commerce services

Are you running an e-commerce business? The Sundarban company gives facility to the all shopping store to send their products to their customers living in any other city of Bangladesh. This is an amazing opportunity for those stores and businesses that offer home delivery services. The charges for shipping products are also low.

●    Corporate Credit Service

The corporate services are available for multinationals, banks, insurances, multinational companies, phone companies, factories, industries, and garment factories. They can hire the Sundanban Courier tracking company to ship their products from one location to another. They will have to sign an official sign with this tracking company to enjoy the services. The contract fees are very low and even small startups can afford to pay.

●    International Services

Not only limited to local clients, but the company is vocal for internal clients and provides services to ship goods internationally. Currently, the services are being provided in 220 countries. Both air and sea traveling modes are being utilized to ensure timely delivery to the destinations. Sundarban parcel tracking has become a reliable option not only in Bangladesh but also in broad.


Advantages of Using Sundarban Courier Tracking

Following are some pros and advantages that the user gets.

1.   Fast Speed

In case you are in hurry and want your parcel to be reached at your destination quickly then Sundarban is the best option for you. The company claims to provide fast service all over Bangladesh. Most of the customers get the products shipped in less than a week.

2.   Reliability

Security of goods is key when you ship them. There are always chances that parcels may get damaged or products get broken due to careless carriage services of the company. But Sundarban Tracking ensures the safety of the product. It is considered the most reliable company in Bangladesh.

3.   Low Cost

You might be surprised but all Bandarban courier services are being offered at very affordable pricing. Due to cost-effective courier shipment and tracking, all well-established businesses and startups have started using them. Even the cost is very low if you are using the services on a personal level.

4.   Simplicity

The whole process of using the services is very simple. The company also has a tracking app that is built in such a way that a common man can understand its layout quickie. There is nothing complicated. Apart from the user interface of the app, physical usage services are also supportive of the common man.


 Sundarban Courier Service Near me – Address and Branches

As said earlier that the company has grown rapidly. The branches have been opened all over Bangladesh. However, the head office is located in Dhaka. Here is the exact location of HQ

24/25 Dilkusha Motijeel, Dhaka-1000

In case you want to contact the authorities at the headquarter, here is their phone number and email address.

Phone: +880 9612 003 003

Email: [email protected]

The branches of Sundarban parcel tracking Company have been functional in all the major divisions of Bangladesh. The division where you will find the branches are listed below;

  • Barishal Division
  • Chittagong Division
  • Dhaka Division
  • Khulna Division
  • Mymensingh Division
  • Rajshahi Division
  • Rangpur Division
  • Sylhet Division

Overall more than 800 branches are operational to provide services to the people of Bangladesh.


Sundarban Online Courier Tracking app

The company has been up to the mark with the upcoming technologies. In order to track the luggage, they have provided the customers with an online courier tracking app. The major feature of this app is that everyone from high tech guy to common man can use it as the interface and layout of the app is really simple. You can download the app from the play store.



The Sandarban Courier tracking has changed the dynamic of sending and receiving parcels. The time of delivery has significantly decreased. Those couriers which used to ship in 2 to 3 weeks are being delivered in less than a week. The company has been successful in connecting people not just in Bangladesh but all around the globe.