Swiss Airways Cargo Tracking | Shipment Status

Do you have a shipment with Swiss Cargo? Enter your Swiss cargo tracking number to find shipment status.

About Swiss Cargo

The airline division of Swiss International Air Lines is called Swiss World Cargo (SWISS). Swiss World Cargo, which has its headquarters at Zurich Airport, provides a wide range of logistics for moving any kind of cargo, such as high-value and care-intensive shipments, to more than 130 locations in 84 different countries.

Daily truck links between major business hubs complement its huge system of air freight services. The Lufthansa Group’s dependable and forward-thinking service provider Swiss World Cargo is dedicated to consistently providing its air freight clients with “SWISS quality.”

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One of the top cargo service providers and one of the best in its field overall is Swiss World Cargo. It provides a range of goods and services to meet the demands of the public and, thanks to first-rate cargo services, makes sure that their goods are delivered to customers’ doorsteps.

One can be confident that Swiss World Cargo is true to its word and fulfils their ultimate pledge of providing the highest quality at the finest costs and with the greatest ease for the customer thanks to their extensive selection of services that are available for delivery and exceptional quality.

Swiss Cargo Tracking

The Swiss World Cargo tracking service is highly convenient to use and access, making it crucial.

Your order’s tracking process is getting easier and easier. One must first place a cargo order before receiving an AWB number, also known as an Air Waybill number, which is a 12-digit number. This number is then used in conjunction with the prefix “724” to obtain information about your order.

Swiss Cargo Track

You may trace your swiss air cargo package by using our tracking website, To find your order and view order details, you must enter the necessary information in the tracker area.

These specifics will include information on your package, its contents, and the anticipated delivery date, making it much simpler for you to understand when to anticipate receiving your package at your door.

Additionally, you may track your shipment, air cargo, and delivery status with Swiss Airways cargo tracking by using an online tracker. All you need to do is type LX 724 and the AWB number to do this. You may follow your order using these techniques, whether it be by tracking service or by just visiting the Swiss World Cargo website.

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Swiss Cargo Customer Service

To use swiss cargo customer service, you need to contact them at their phone number, you can ask whatever confusion you might have. Or if you prefer sending emails then their email address is also provided.

Telephone Number: +41 848 80 30 00

Contact E-mail ID: [email protected]

IATA Code: LX Cargo Tracking

Tracking Number Example: 724 – 12345678


What is the format of Swiss Air tracking?

11 numbers make up the typical Swiss World Air Cargo tracking number. For Instance. 123-12345678 . The first three digits of the tracking number are the carrier code, the following seven are the serial number, and the final digit is the check digit. Nevertheless, the amount may change based on your service.