USPS Certified Mail Tracking | Check Delivery Status

Do you have a shipment with USPS certified mail? Enter the USPS certified mail tracking number to know your delivery status.

About USPS Certified Mail

The USPS provides certified mail, a postal service that benefits senders by giving them security, legitimacy, and official delivery confirmation. All certified mail is given a specific tracking number of 20 digits. You will receive a postal receipt after sending certified mail, which you can save as evidence that your mail was delivered.

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Additionally, one of the certified mail delivery choices needs the receiver to sign a receipt before the mail may be received. The sender receives a signed copy of this document as proof of delivery. For a charge, the USPS offers all these options with certified mail.

USPS Certified Mail Tracking

The most crucial aspect of certified mail is tracking. The USPS uses an electronic tracking system and unique numbers to update you on the status of your certified mail.

USPS Certified Mail Tracking

Open the USPS website and choose certified mail tracking to follow a shipment of certified mail. Click the “track” button after entering the certified mail tracking number in the field. A total of 35 serial numbers can be entered at once. Commas should be used to separate each number.

When you complete these procedures, a list of delivery reports detailing each individual delivery report will show up on your screen. The position of your package is now displayed if your mail has not yet been delivered. Prior to delivery, certified mail is processed at multiple locations and handled the same as regular mail.

Insert your certified mail tracking ups number or verification number in the provided space on our tracking website, to verify the shipment status of your mailing.

You will receive a 16-digit receipt whenever you hand over a package to the local US Mail Service counter. You must keep this receipt secure until the package is delivered; in the meantime, you can see the status of an item through text or mail.

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Utilize our website to send and track confidential material via USPS Certified Mail. Quickly and conveniently obtain USPS tracking numbers. It’s helpful to have a USPS tracking number while delivering confidential or crucial documents. Never worry about who has access because you can track when anything came, where it went, and when it left.

USPS Mail Customer Service

You can get in touch with the USPS office and provide your tracking numbers for offline tracking. To monitor your certified mail, you can also install a mobile application or send a text message to a number they’ll offer.

Contact Phone Number: 1-800-275-8777


What if US Mail Service says no tracking information available?

Check back frequently because data is updated frequently during the day when there is no status provided or if it hasn’t changed since you last viewed it.

How to track US Mail Service package?

You can monitor a US Mail Service parcel in several methods, including by going to their website, utilizing a tracking tool like, or communicating with them by phone, mail, or text message. However, most individuals opt to use for packages from overseas or the US Mail website for domestic mail items.