V3 express cargo tracking

V3 express cargo tracking is one of the most reliable companies working in India. The initiative of this company was taken when India had many companies but none was proved to be reliable. The whole credit goes to the owner who kept on pushing his team to do more in those difficult initial phases. Let’s drill down to know more about V3 express cargo tracking and how it is helping people make bonds with their loved ones.


Services V3 Express Cargo Tracking Company

The company is committed to serving both local and international customers. Following are the services that the clients can enjoy using V3 express cargo tracking.

1- Domestic Courier Service

People living in India can send their logistics through the V3 logistics company. The good thing is that the couriers within India will be delivered within a day or two. The fast delivery has made the company prominent in local brands. The charges of V3 transportations are also optimal like as Trax tracking.

2- International Express Cargo

The company is offering services not only in India but also outside India to capture the international market. It is estimated that the major revenue of the company comes from international customers. V3 Express Cargo is fully operational in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Dubai, China, HongKong, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, United Kingdom, Kenya, Nigeria, and all Europe & Gulf countries

3- V3 Logistics and Transportation Tracking

Apart from shipping small packages, couriers, and parcels, the company is providing a transport system for bulk orders. Suppose you have logistics that require heavy vehicles for shipping, then the company will provide special buses, body trucks, container trucks, and trailers to ship the logistics. The management is dedicated to providing all the transport solutions.

4- Rail and Air Cargo System

Railways are being used as transportation means to deliver parcels within a country. But for international deliveries, the air freight system is a good option as the company has contracts with many air cargo companies to ship the luggage quickly. Unfortunately, the sea transportation system is not available which can be a drawback of using this cargo tracking company.

5- V3 Express Courier Service

We all are living in a world of uncertainty. Emergencies are never out of the picture. If you’re living abroad and need to send your documents, or any other package to any other country immediately then express courier services are for you. The V3 logistics tracking company will ship your parcel in just a day.


Head Office and Contact Details- V3 express

The V3 express cargo tracking company is based in India. The address of the head office is as follows

  1. 150, 3rd Main Road, 8TH Cross, Charmarajpet, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560097

You can visit the head office anytime and get the complete information. If you’re not from India, then here are the contact details. You can call or mail the company official to get the information you need.

Phone: +91-9741664747

Email: [email protected]


V3 express cargo tracking is one of the fastest growing and most reliable companies. Their commitment to timely delivery with 100% security of the package makes them an appealing option for those who are looking for a trustworthy shipping and tracking company.