V3 Tracking Mobile -Track and Trace

V3 Tracking Mobile is a vehicle monitoring and management system. In just 4 years, the company has made a solid performance.

The service has outstanding functions

Location monitoring

  • Current Location and digital operating system
  • the picture over a period of time

Image monitoring

  • View 4 photos at once
  • Night shooting ability
  • Download images over a period of time

Review itinerary

  • Calculate total distance, total stop, and stopping time
  • Redraw the journey

Instant alert

  • SMS Alert over speeding, continuous driving time violation, and working time violation

Synthesis report

  • Genral report of fuel mialage acourding to circular of ministery of transport


V3 Tracking Model

Data server system
Store the system’s database, The vehicle’s journey data is stored and processed here

Application server system
Receive and process requests from users, Analyze, process business and return results to users

Cruise monitoring subscription
Cruise monitoring devices are mounted on the user’s vehicle.

Service users-V3 Tracking mobile

GPS tracking is more and more widely used. V3  is the most modern and convenient vehicle tracking and management product.

Suitable for:

  • Cooperative, small and medium enterprises wishing to monitor means of transport
  • Individuals want to monitor their car journey
  • Enterprises need to manage journeys, monitor vehicle fuel

Contact Details

The V3 tracking company is based in Vietnam and its branches are spread in all those countries where the company is offering its services.

Support: 1800 555 546

Email: [email protected]  


V3 tracking Mobile is one of the fastest growing and most reliable companies. The outstanding function of V3 Tracking is Location monitoring. The current location on the digital map and temporary operating status. Speed, mileage, door opening, and closing status.