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Transportation of finished goods and the raw material is a basic element of business. One of the densely populated regions in Asia raises the need of surface transportation in India. Therefore VRL company is the most competent transporters and owns the largest number of commercial vehicles in India.

Although being the global hub of manufacturing and assembling machinery and technical gadgets with the least labor rates boosts surface transport providers’ business opportunities. One of the top logistics companies has a vast network and user-friendly procedure to transport or avail courier service. Nevertheless, the diverse customer base is a token of appreciation for the VRL owner.

Are you concerned about the transport expenses of your manufactured goods or raw materials to be used in the future? You are at the right place. Here you will find all the required information about the trackable good’s transport system.

VRL Company- A Modern and an Economical Means of Surface Transport in India

From parcel transportation to goods and passenger transport, the company is gaining popularity among all categories. The private sector transport services are blooming to meet the demands in the overly populated region” India,”

The leading transporter in the country is spreading the services to versatile categories, including Priority Cargo, Courier Service, and passenger transport.

Below, we will evaluate and analyze the current business situation of the logistics company and courier company titled VRL.LTD.

VRL History

VRL history

VRL full form is Vijayanand Roadlines Ltd, named after the Vrl owner’s name. As initially, the courier company was only offering surface transportation. The company, initiated by Dr.Vijay Sankeshawar, who belongs to the small town of North Karnataka known as Gadag, was lucky enough to achieve the benchmarks.

Vijay started the business with the single truck but had a clear and focused vision to achieve excellence in the business. Gradually expanding the service, the Vrl owners keep the graph steady if not improving, never declines as well.

With time, VRL has become the leader in logistics and road transport. The accompanied father-son association adds modern strategies to the company status and marked milestone success in the transport industry. So far, the VRL Company is networked throughout the country and renowned at the international level. The corporate houses depend on Vrl- an online logistics company, to transport parcels and bulk consignments.

Current Statics of Vrl Company

The vrl head office is in Hubbali Karanataka state in India. However, the branches and franchises network runs through the 23 states and four union territories in India. Vijay Sankeshawar is not only the vrl owner but the Chairman and managing director of the transport and logistics company.

According to different resources, the company owns the largest fleet of commercial vehicles in India. Below are the interesting facts about the VRL-statics as its also awarded honorary entry in Limca Book of Records due to the vast collection of vehicles in the Private Sector.

  • Passenger Transport Vehicles: 291
  • Good Transport Vehicles: 4575
  • Tourist Busses: 491

The VRL company has numerous densely networked systems throughout the country. Besides, headquarter in the city of Hubbali also owns 40 hubs and transport yards in India with 931 branches. The Headquarters ETP, with a capacity of thousand liters treating rainwater in harvesting plants. Moreover, petrol bunk also allotted by IOC is an additional honorary facility to the company.

VRL- Garage Service Center

A vehicle needs maintenance for a high-end productive life. Abandoning vehicles or excessive millage can damage the vehicle. In transport and logistics, business cannot afford 0% recovery damage. Therefore, to handle all such conditions, the VRL group owns the wide capacity garage complex to overhaul the trucks, busses, and heavy vehicles. The vehicle goes through fleet bi-weekly for maintenance and overhauling.

  1. VRL Media

The VRL media participation started in April 2011 with the largest circulated newspaper in the state of Karnataka. VRL Media Ltd. is ensuring the VRL group’s reputation and expanding the business throughout the states. So far, Vijayavani has been published in more than nine cities of Karnataka. Subhash Hogar and Chennegowder are the lead editors. However, the most circulated newspaper was sold to India Times in 2006. Later the group of subsidiary industry initiated a news channel in Kannada named Digvijaga News 24×7 in 2017.

vrl media

VRL-Courier Company

The cargo service was not a part of the VRL transportation service. Later the company added the services and led the competitive market. The cargo Service started in Hubbali and Gadag, followed across Bengaluru and Belagavi. Vrl courier tracking systems keeps the clients updated with status.

Like most services, the Vrl company never stepped back and expanded the courier facility with emergency parcel delivery and many more through 23 states. The fascinating figure of yearly Cargo over 216 million per year makes it widely spread and the largest capacity cargo service.

India is becoming a global hub for raw material assembling and connecting the eastern and western worlds. Therefore, the need for high-capacity goods transportation is a need of time. VRL ensures safe express cargo and courier services in the country. Moreover, there is no restriction for weight limits, and you can send a mini parcel of 1kg or trucks loaded with full capacity from one border to another border with ease.

VRL Account- Corporate and Local Business

The VRL account is a way to establish a reliable tracking service to track the pathway of your consignment. The tracking system updates you about the status and saves you from the chaos of inquiries.

Local Business and Corporate firms are registering personal and professional accounts with VRL online logistics companies. It enables you to settle the delivery dates. Often deliveries are followed with further shipments outside the border and need accurate delivery timing to adjust the next shipment procedure.

Although VRL is now providing surface transport and entertaining air cargo, accurate delivery time is essential to prevent storage damage. Once you have the account number, you can follow a simple procedure to get the update.

Wrapping Up!

The VRL logistics and transporters are India’s most outstanding local and international cargo and VRL travel services. The ever-enhancing service is building a strong reputation with user-friendly and safest transportation.

The VRL tracking system and online booking service are other distinctive attributes of the VRL Company. The VRL Group is concentrated in Karnataka but expanding faster and already serving in 23 states of India. Local garages and in-city franchises also enable the business holders and public sector to get the best courier and passenger transport service.