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India’s largest logistics and goods transportation is running and offering the best service with high-capacity vehicles possessions. Vrl core delivers consignments and offers passenger transport with modern vehicles in 23 states. Initially, it only offered surface transportation. Still, now air cargo and courier is an expanding channel of the VRL groups. Besides many advanced and consumer-friendly aspects, the VRL tracking system is exceptionally advanced and reliable among logistics and express couriers.

VRL Logistics Tracking

Starting from the orientation, DR. Vijay Sankeshwar launched VRL in 1976 in Gadag, with a single vehicle, i.e., truck, and a well-advanced concept. Later on, the services of VRL were progressively expanded to Hubli, Belgaum, and Bangalore. VRL has developed from its early roots to become a nationally famous transportation and logistics firm and the largest and most powerful creator of commercial or industrial vehicles in India, with a network of 4866 automobiles, comprising 291 Passenger Transport Vehicles and 4575 Goods Transport Vehicles.

In the Indian passenger travel and tourism industry, VRL is one of the front movers among private market operators. To fulfill the escalating requirements of its developing client base, it has expanded its activities to include Priority Cargo, Air Passenger Transport, and Courier Service. In addition, VRL logistics customer care is also available in contact numbers and emails for almost all branches. Above all, you would be stunned to know that VRL invented the “Lady Seat” concept.

VRL’s official website provides essential information and accessibilities to enable you to acquire the best online courier and logistics service. One of the most advanced features is vrl online tracking enabling you to track the current status of your consignment. The service is available 24/7, and regardless of signal-deprived zones, the vrl tracking with GPS also helps you trace the path and location of the delivery goods.

VRL Tracking Detail– Find VRL Logistics Status

It is quite simple for you to determine your VRL Logistics status. The only thing you need for this purpose is the VRL Logistics tracing Docket number/Reference number or the Air waybill number. VRL logistics online tracing allows you to trace the present status of consignments. The upper right part of the courier registration receipt contains your VRL Delivery or Consignment number. This is often a ten-digit number with a bar code indication.

Step by Step Guide to For Tracking Logistics

  • When handing over and documentation, process the agent provides you the tracking number of your consignment or parcel.
  • Browse the VRL official website, and some other sites enable you to track the shipment or consignment with the tracking number.
  • Enter the “digits” of the code, in the given field. Other characters like (+ – / * %& = ! ‘) are not required in the field.
  • The standard format of the ten numeric characters is (123 456 789 0). Besides this, other formats also exist depending on the sequence of the consignment and the area locations.
  • Cross Check the entered number and then press the button “track.” In case of a wrong entry, press” reset” and populate the field with an accurate vrl tracking number.
  • A page will open with detailed information about the current vrl tracking details. You can track the delivery time and date with accuracy.

The VRL shipment tracking and vrl docket track also follow the same procedures, and you don’t have to wait for verification codes. Rather, you can get the special status using VRL track with VRL tracking id.

VRL Tracking Services

Courier services by VRL logistics Indore, i.e., Dewas Naka, Lohamandi, Madhya Pradesh, are available for moment papers and parcels. VRL’s Courier service is currently only offered in the state of Karnataka. Numerous large out-of-state destinations are supplied through joint projects with other providers. Our courier service is available in 109 cities and towns. Aside from serving walk-in clients, we also collect commercial papers and parcels from the respondents and transport them to their appointed location on a timely and door-to-door basis.

Below are the few track-able transportation pathways;

  • VRL goods tracking

The transported goods of smallest goods to heavy-duty machinery are transportable with the VRL goods vehicles. Each item has its tracking number to find the status.

  • VRL parcel tracking

The VRL parcel tracking is remapped with the tracking number on the parcel and mentioned over the receipt. The parcel is wrapped and packed safely before starting the journey.

  • VRL cargo tracking

The VRL cargo tracking enables you to track the location of the surface transportation while utilizing cargo service from VRL You can also get updates of  Vrl shipment tracking using the same code.

  • VRL express tracking

The timely deliveries with door-to-door service are the peculiarity of the company. Moreover, urgent cargo and express transportation involve air-flight operations. Interestingly, the VRL express tracking also facilitates you to get the latest updates.

  • VRL courier tracking

The most reliable couriers through the service include urgent deliveries to the government postal service also. The Vrl courier tracking number for each courier enables you to enjoy the best service.

  • Door to door delivery

The VRL logistics Company also offers consumers the opportunity of door collecting and gate delivery for a fee. The Priority Cargo Company provides door-to-door service.

  • Full Truckload Services (FTL)

Clients can also enjoy FTL service from VRL logistics limited tracking  by using its vast network of chosen branches, including its system of independent trade agents. VRL trace consignment also offers its clients with door-to-door FTL delivery. The items are placed onto the truck at the customer’s location and transported to the designated location. The service is often utilized by producers with huge products to deliver and is supplied at a fixed rate. VRL logistics charges are fixed as per weightage.

Advantages of Using VRL logistics limited

The key advantage of a courier company wherever in the world is its efficiency in providing services. The higher the service quality and the greater the number of pleased clients, the greater is the probability of sustainability. Things have become significantly simpler and more challenging as the internet and technology have advanced. VRL Company is renowned due to numerous significant pros it has. VRL logistics price per kg is “the price according to weight,” which is charged for transportation and some other services. Below you will take a bird’s eye view of the company’s pros and its parcel.

  • Wide service network

VRL provides transportation services in 23 states and four union territories, comprising all of India’s main towns and cities. The network stretches across the whole country and is assisted by many Transshipment ports. VRL maintains distinct office buildings in 553 Indian cities and towns in India. This division’s activities were carried out through a chain of  875 VRL logistic franchisees and branches. VRL’s extensive service network distinguishes it from other service providers.

  • Services through company-owned vehicles

Vehicles owned by the firm are used to provide services. Using owned vehicles allows for the safest possible conveyance of consignments, with the least amount of pilferage, theft, and breakage. Moreover, every vehicle has two drivers for maximum safety.


VRL Logistics excels in both cargo and people movement. The company provides transport facilities for domestic product shipping. Developers provide mail VRL logistics for customer care to contact the company easily. For each consignment tracking, VRL logistics issues a receipt.

So, in a nutshell, the customers’ reviews about on-time delivery, quality of products, etc. are quite satisfactory. The company itself is trying to boost its services daily to make its clients happier and happier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VRL Tracking Number?

VRL Logistics Ltd assigns VRL tracking numbers to customers. The VRL tracking number is a unique number assigned to each package, which can be used to verify online notifications of shipment progress, exact arrival date, and any other delivery status at any point during and after delivery. 

How to Check VRL Track?

Through our online automated tracking system, you can easily follow your VRL Logistics tracking status, consignment, cargo booking, and package. You may generate your parcel ID quickly and easily by logging in using your VRL tracking number. 

How to track VRL courier?

You may track your VRL courier using Track Courier’s online VRL Logistics Track & Trace System. Instead of visiting the courier station or calling the customer care centre, enter the VRL tracking number that was sent to you and click the track button to check the current status of the delivery. 

Where Is My Tracking Number?

Your tracking number may be found below the bar code in the top right corner of the receipt. The sender gave you the receipt when they placed the shipping order with VRL. If you didn’t locate your tracking number, make sure to contact the shipper. 

VRL tracking With Mobile Number?

VRL gives us some helpful information about our courier. However, some people may not have access to the internet, so tracking the purchase may be difficult. Contact numbers can be used to trace VRL. Furthermore, they have made it simple to track orders by SMS. 

VRL Tracking With Amount?

We are devoted to continually offering high-quality logistics services at a fair price, and, like others, VRL has made significant progress in recent years in achieving long-term customer satisfaction. Only use an authorized bank or payment method to send payments.


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