What do the Divisions of the DHSMV do?

The acronym for the U.S. government agency responsible for traffic regulations and vehicle registrations is DHSMV. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) is responsible for maintaining the state’s roads in a secure and safe condition. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles was formed by the merger of the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Public Safety.

The Governor and Cabinet of Florida delegate authority to the Executive Director of FLHSMV, making that official the agency’s leader. It is the job of the Executive Director to oversee all operations within the Department and ensure that they are carried out effectively and efficiently. Following Florida Statutes and Florida Administrative Code, the FLHSMV’s Executive Director is responsible for ensuring the organization’s mission and goals are being met.

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What are the Divisions of DHSMV?

In 2015, the FLHSMV Department was organized into the following key Divisions:

  • Office of Executive Director (OED)
  • Division of Florida Highway Patrol (FHP)
  • Division of Motorist Services (MS)
  • Division of Administrative Services (DAS)
  • Information System Administration (ISA)
What do the Divisions of the DHSMV do

What do the divisions of the DHSMV do?

Several specialized departments have been established within FLHSMV and function independently from the main agency while yet being governed by it. Some of FLHSMV’s divisions and bureaus are mandated by state statute, while others were established by the Department itself to better carry out its responsibilities.

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When should you contact DHSMV, and what do you get from them?

Together with the state’s 67 county tax collectors, the Department is charged with regulating and delivering services relating to the issuing of driver licenses, licensing and naming of automobiles, trucks, watercraft, and RVs, and the keeping of data about these operations.