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About Yang Ming

The largest Taiwan-based business, Yang Ming Marine Transportation Corp., was founded in December 1972 and has developed a reputation in the international shipping sector. Yang Ming is one of the most well-known and seasoned container transportation businesses in the world. Thanks to constant renewal, its fleet is still relatively young.
The organization has consistently provided its services with “Teamwork, Innovation, Integrity, and Pragmatism” at its basis. Yang Ming owned a fleet of 90 ships as of October 2020, with an operating potential of 622 thousand TEUs and a D.W.T. of 7.037 million.
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It is widely known that Yang Ming’s dependable services have been acknowledged by the optimistic and demanding clients throughout the world due to their modern, formalized, and effective management. Yang Ming shipping is one of the services that its customers appreciate.

Yang Ming Tracking

Yang Ming’s container tracking option has made tracking easier. The Yang Ming container number, which is an individual number inscribed on the side of the container, can be used to track any container or shipment. Use this as a guide to locate and monitor Yang Ming containers.
Visit Yang Ming’s official website and enter the container number, booking number, and B/L (Bill of Landing) number appropriate to your sales order to track your cargo.
yang ming tracking


You can track and trace Yang Ming containers only with one click thanks to 1trackings.com’s Yang Ming container tracking service. Along with container movements, the ship’s present position will be immediately displayed on the global map. Yang Ming shipping line’s cargo can be found online, easily, and professionally through our website 1trackings.com, which has given you the ability to do so.
You can check the schedule of your Yang Ming vessel from Pakistan, Taiwan, Bangladesh, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, or any other location with our Yang Ming monitoring service.

Yang Ming Service Locations

Through strategic partnerships with many of the most renowned shipping businesses worldwide, all Yang Ming offices are committed to improving their customer service, extending the range of services they offer, and extending the global reach of the services they provide.
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Yang Ming Customer Support

Through its official websites and its offices throughout the world, Yang Ming offers exceptional customer service.
To visit their official website:
Website: www.yangming.com
Telephone Number: (886-2) 2455-9988
Contact Email: [email protected]
Fax Number: (886-2) 2455-9958 ; 2455-9959
Company Address: No. 271, Ming De 1st Road, Cidu District, Keelung 20646, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


How do I track and trace my shipment?

The yang ming container tracking system at 1trackings.com, which makes use of the container number, enables shipment tracking. To keep track of your container, input the Airway Bill number or Bill of Lading number in the respective search field on the container tracking system.

How many containers can the Yang Ming carry?

At the end of July 2022, Yang Ming operated a fleet of 95 ships with a combined operational capacity of 690 thousand TEUS and 7.837 million D.W.T, with cargo ships serving as the primary service force.